Ever.Ag Unveils Ever.Ag Data Labs: A New Era of AI-Based Data Science in Agriculture, Food, and Beverage Production

LEWISVILLE, Texas, June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ever.Ag, a leader in agricultural and food technology solutions, is excited to announce the complete integration of Austin Data Labs into its operations, rebranding this division as Ever.Ag Data Labs. This strategic move marks a significant enhancement in Ever.Ag’s capabilities, incorporating advanced AI, data science, and predictive forecasting into its suite of products. Ever.Ag Data Labs will also function as a dynamic R&D engine and innovation hub, spearheading future technological advancements in agriculture and food and beverage production.

Enhancing Agricultural Technologies with AI and Data Science

Ever.Ag Data Labs will focus on embedding artificial intelligence and sophisticated data science across Ever.Ag’s existing and future product lines. This integration provides more precise, predictive insights that enable farmers, agribusinesses, and the broader food production community to make informed decisions that enhance yield, profitability, and sustainability.

"At Austin Data Labs we’ve always been driven by the vision to help transform agriculture through cutting-edge data science and AI with real world, practical applications," said Simon Drake, former CEO of Austin Data Labs and now EVP of Ever.Ag Data Labs. "Joining forces with Ever.Ag amplified our ability to turn this vision into reality. As Ever.Ag Data Labs, we're excited to partner with our customers and Ever.Ag to drive innovation in food production, enhancing our predictive capabilities and driving innovation that makes a tangible difference to the people who feed the world."

A Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

The launch of Ever.Ag Data Labs reinforces Ever.Ag’s commitment to sustainability. By harnessing the power of AI and data science, Ever.Ag Data Labs will lead efforts to develop solutions that not only improve operational efficiencies but also contribute to environmentally sustainable practices. This initiative is aligned with Ever.Ag’s ongoing efforts to address critical challenges such as climate change and food supply chain resilience within the agricultural sector.

An Innovation Hub for Future Agricultural Advancements

Beyond enhancing current products, Ever.Ag Data Labs will operate as an innovation hub, exploring new frontiers in agricultural technology. This ensures that Ever.Ag remains at the cutting edge of agricultural innovation.

"We are thrilled to fully integrate the talented team and products from Austin Data Labs into Ever.Ag, enhancing our technological capabilities and reinforcing our position as innovators in the ag-tech industry," said Scott Sexton, CEO of Ever.Ag. "Ever.Ag Data Labs will not only transform our product offerings but also drive the agricultural sector towards a more efficient and sustainable future."

The creation of Ever.Ag Data Labs is expected to accelerate the development of next-generation agricultural technologies, providing the industry with tools that are not just reactive but predictive, shaping a more sustainable and prosperous future for global agriculture.

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