Innovator Launches the Equity Managed Floor ETF™ (SFLR), a Unique Core Portfolio Investment Strategy Designed to Address Tail Risk in Stocks
November 09, 2022 09:17 ET | Innovator Capital Management
Innovator Equity Managed Floor ETF™ (SFLR) is a stock-based ETF that seeks to limit the potential for maximum losses, yet also offer upside participation and dividend income Tail risk represents a...
Innovator ETFs Announces New Upside Cap Ranges for May Series of U.S. Equity Buffer ETFs
April 25, 2022 08:05 ET | Innovator Capital Management
CHICAGO, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innovator Capital Management, LLC (Innovator) today announced the anticipated upside cap ranges and return profiles for the May series of the U.S. Equity...
Innovator to List Buffer Step-Up Strategy ETFs BSTP and PSTP, New Managed Outcome ETFs™ Designed to Continuously Lock-in Stock Market Gains, Refresh Buffers Against Loss
March 07, 2022 12:12 ET | Innovator Capital Management
In upward trending markets, Step-Up Strategy ETFs seek to provide tax-efficient strategies to lock-in SPY gains, reset upside participation and eliminate potential downside before buffer1 In downward...
Innovator to Expand Managed Outcome ETF™ Lineup with BUFB, the Innovator Laddered Allocation Buffer ETF™
February 08, 2022 14:43 ET | Innovator Capital Management
Managed Outcome ETFs™ provide advisors single ticker managed portfolios to streamline Defined Outcome ETF™ investing Innovator Laddered Allocation Buffer ETF (BUFB) – Risk management...