PIMCO Launches Convertible Bond Mutual Fund; Sandra Durn To Manage Fund For Retail And Institutional Investors

Newport Beach, California, UNITED STATES

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., July 14, 1999 (PRIMEZONE) -- PIMCO Funds Distributors LLC, a unit of PIMCO Advisors Holdings L.P, (NYSE: PA), today announced the introduction of the PIMCO Convertible Bond Fund, a new fixed-income mutual fund that seeks to take advantage of the favorable return/risk characteristics of investing in bonds that can be converted into common stock.

The Convertible Bond Fund is managed by Sandra Durn, PIMCO vice president and former lead portfolio manager of convertible securities products at Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management, and a former economics instructor at San Diego State University.

"Convertible bonds are a natural complement to PIMCO's fixed-income expertise," said Ms. Durn. "Over time, convertibles offer a risk profile that is similar to the corporate bond market but with a return that is similar to investing in the equity market."

The Convertible Bond Fund is offered in retail, administrative and institutional class shares. It is distributed by PIMCO Funds' distribution network.

"The introduction of the Convertible Bond Fund further broadens PIMCO Funds' investment options," said Steve Treadway, PIMCO Funds Chairman. "Convertible bond management is a natural leverage off our highly skilled investment team."

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