REPEAT: SmartPortfolio.Com Launches the LargeCap Report

Lakeland, Florida, UNITED STATES

LAKELAND, Fla., Feb. 26, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- The following is market news from SmartPortfolio.Com, Inc., providing premium stock analysis onInternet stocks, stock splits, and IPOs at:

SmartPortfolio.Com is pleased to announce the launch of its latest report--the Smart!LargeCap Report. This report, delivered by email once a week, will seek to discover companies with large market capitalizations that have significant upside potential.

The latest report provides an extensive analysis of Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT). As the leading largest corporation in the world as measured by its market capitalization of roughly $500 billion. Microsoft has captured the eyes of investors as well as the scrutiny of the U.S. government. Our newly-introduced Smart!LargeCap Report analyzes the effects of the U.S. Department of Justice's landmark antitrust suit, the recent launch of Windows 2000, Bill Gates decision to step down as CEO and his new role as Chief Software Architect, as well as Microsoft's decision to significantly re-allocate resources towards developing Windows-based software for non-PC devices. To sign up for a free two week trial of this report, investors are invited to visit:

The new Smart!LargeCap Report also includes an analysis of General Electric (NYSE:GE). As one of the oldest companies in the U.S., General Electric has made it through two world wars, the Great Depression, and is now positioning itself to capitalize on the biggest technological advancement since the PC: the Internet. General Electric's CEO, Jack Welch, has directed GE to capitalize on Internet investment opportunities as well as to streamline its own operations through aggressive deployment of e-business applications throughout the organization. With a company the size of GE, even small percentage gains in productivity can dramatically affect the bottom line.

SmartPortfolio.Com also offers three other premium services-the Smart!Internet Report, the Smart!IPO Report and the Smart!Splits Report. Some of the stocks that have been profiled in past issues of the Smart!Reports have soared since we highlighted them in our Reports.

In a recent Smart!Internet Report, the report focused on the merger of an Internet powerhouse with an offline media giant -- America Online (NYSE:AOL) and Time Warner (NYSE:TWX). The report provides an extensive analysis on this powerful combination and gives investors a view for the future of the new combined company. To learn more about the Internet sector, including many individual Internet stocks that have substantial upside potential, investors are invited to visit:


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