IBChannel.com: Incubators Characterized as the fastest developing segment of new Internet investment by Forbes and Forrester Research according to Smart Money

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Irvine, CA, Feb. 28, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- (www.ibchannel.com) IBChannel.com is pleased to report on the incubator industry today. Forbes magazine and Forrester Research recently characterized these high-growth incubators as the fastest developing segment of new Internet investment -- "Smart Money." Holding Companies like CMGI and e-commerce web site companies like Amazon.com and ishopper.com (OTCBB:IHPR) are joining the race to incubate the next generation of Internet technology companies. Recnet incubator stock news follows.

Top Amazon.com Executives Team with Net Value Holdings

Net Value Holdings (OTCBB:NETV), a virtual Internet Incubator for early-stage e-businesses, announced today that it has added two senior business development executives from Amazon.com (Nasdaq:AMZN) to its Board of Advisors. The Amazon.com executives, Douglas Boake, Vice President of Business Development and Owen Van Natta, Senior Director, Business Development, bring valuable business development and e-commerce experience to Net Value. They join an existing Board of Advisors, which includes leaders and strategic partners from the Internet, financial services, technology, legal, executive search, communications, and media industries.

IHPR Expands its Portfolio With Independent Subsidiaries

iShopper.com Inc., dba IHPR (OTCBB:IHPR), an Internet and technology holding company, announced it has completed the integration of E-Center Inc., and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, iShopper Internet Services Inc., and Outbound Enterprises Inc.

iShopper Internet Services and Outbound Enterprises will remain independent subsidiaries of IHPR, and important elements in part of IHPR's portfolio of Internet and technology companies. "The final integration of E-Center and its successful subsidiary companies expands IHPR's portfolio and the range of services it offers," said Shane Hackett, president and chief executive officer of IHPR. "Due to an increasing popularity in e-commerce and an upward trend in companies looking to establish an online presence, we anticipate these companies will continue to thrive, and the services they provide will be an asset to the expanding network of IHPR's holdings."

Before merging with IHPR, E-Center provided low-cost e-commerce solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. The company hosted e-commerce-enabled Web sites for companies looking to create an online commerce solution, and also offered a variety of services to assist its customers with their online commerce efforts.

Financial Performance Corp. Enters Into an Agreement to Acquire iMapData.com

Financial Performance Corporation (OTCBB:FPCX) announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire iMapData.com, a Washington, D.C.-based electronic database information and proprietary Internet-based company, for $16 million in stock, based upon the closing price of FPC on February 23, 2000. The proposed acquisition is the first by FPC under a new business strategy that calls for it to shift its focus to Internet-related businesses and services aimed at the business-to-business market. Consummation of the acquisition is subject to the satisfaction of a number of conditions prior to March 3, 2000.

Incubator Company Ecomm Group Announces Strategic Wireless Content Initiative and Links with "Web to Wireless" Company Datalink.net

Commerce Group Corp.'s (OTCBB:CGCO) subsidiary Ecomm Group Inc. announced that it is expanding into wireless services and wireless Web content aggregation starting with a link with Datalink.net. Ecomm's link with Datalink.net (AMEX:DLK) will enable www.MyInternet.to visitors to remotely access real-time information, including financial and sports news. The services also alert users, via pager, to the presence of critical e-mail and allow e-mail retrieval and response via the Internet, facsimile or voice mail.

OffRoad Capital today announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Mayfield Fund to promote the benefits of private equity offerings over the Internet as a complementary later stage financing option to venture-backed companies.

"In addition, we see an even broader opportunity for OffRoad beyond the relatively small universe of companies that have access to institutional venture capital or funding from the growing number of incubators," added Morgan. "There are thousands of worthy companies worldwide that need capital to grow and that provide excellent return potential for investors. Over time, OffRoad will use its Internet-based private capital marketplace to serve these companies as well."

Idealab! Silicon Valley Unveils First Company, Payme.Com

Idealab! (www.idealab.com), a leading creator and operator of Internet businesses, today unveiled payMe.com, a personal payment service that enables consumers to simply and securely request and accept payment from colleagues, clients, friends and family.

The first company to launch from idealab! Silicon Valley, payMe.com offers consumers a simple and secure way to transfer money, making collecting, receiving and depositing payments virtually effortless. For example, when a group of friends books a ski lodge, generally one person will pay the rental agency. With payMe.com, this person can simply divide the full cost and send a request for payment to the others in the group via email. Bill recipients can pay by credit card (online or over the phone) and will soon have additional convenient payment options, including check, money order or electronic fund transfer.

idealab! (www.idealab.com) creates and operates Internet businesses. Founded in March 1996 by Bill Gross, idealab! currently has approximately 30 businesses in various stages of development. In addition to capital, idealab! provides a full range of services to infuse startup companies introduce innovative products and services. Resources include office space and the accompanying network infrastructure, consulting and services relating to development and technology, graphic design, marketing, competitive research, legal, accounting and business development support and services. In addition, idealab! provides advice on strategy, branding and corporate structure. idealab! companies include: GoTo.com, eToys , NetZero,CarsDirect.com, cooking.com and WeddingChannel.com. Additional research

There are a ton of these Internet holding companies out there -- the big ones like Internet Capital Group, CMGI and Japan's Softbank. The mid-sized ones like London Pacific. And the really tiny, promising ones like Venture Catalyst, Net Value Holdings and M&A West, Inc.. But what if you don't want to pay two times the value of a publicly traded company's portfolio - or more -- just to own a basket of hot new Internet companies.

Here's the secret. You don't have to.

The private equity arms of the New York City banks are filled with Internet and biomedical start-ups. These are some of the biggest banks in the world: Chase Manhattan, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, BancBoston and Norwest, now owned by Wells Fargo & Co.

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