IBChannel.com Signs Agreement with PALM

Irvine, California, UNITED STATES

IRVINE, Calif., March 1, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- (www.ibchannel.com) - Interactive Business Channel is pleased to announce today that it has signed a one year agreement with Palm (Nasdaq:PALM), a subsidiary of 3Com Corporation (Nasdaq:COMS) to have its editorial content, copyrighted material, tradename, and trademarks published in Palm's electronic newsletter InSync Online.

InSync Online reaches thousands of Palm Computing(r) platform product owners who subscribe to InSync Online, the e-mail service that delivers everything from tips and tricks to product announcements and descriptions of innovative hardware and software solutions. Every InSync Online subscriber completes a personal profile so messages reach the best prospects.

According to Palm "We are the leading global provider of handheld computing devices. We develop, design and market our Palm-branded handheld devices, which currently include our Palm III, Palm V and Internet-enabled Palm VII product families. According to International Data Corporation, in 1998 we had a 68% market share of the worldwide personal companion handheld device market, which International Data Corporation defines as small, pocket-sized devices that feature pen-based input and synchronize with a personal computer. We believe our emphasis on simplicity, elegance and ease of use and our focus on consumer needs have contributed to our success to date. Our devices have also won numerous awards, including Business Week's "Design of the Decade--Gold Award" and PC Computing's Most Valuable Product award for "Best Pocket PC" in 1999. We intend to build on our global market leadership in handheld computing devices through continued innovation and focus on addressing customer needs. The Palm operating system and related software, which we refer to as our Palm platform, have been the cornerstone of our success in the handheld device market. The Palm platform combines the distinctive look, feel and ease of use of our Palm OS operating system with HotSync synchronization technology, pen- based input technology and personal information management applications such as datebook and address book. Our Palm VII product also includes web-clipping software that allows Internet content providers and users to send and receive information via the Internet in a format optimized for handheld devices. In addition to including the Palm platform in our Palm-branded devices, we license the Palm platform to manufacturers of information appliances, which we define as handheld devices that enable users to access and manage information. Most recently, Nokia and Sony agreed to license the Palm platform for use in their future products. We intend to establish our Palm platform as the leading operating system in the rapidly converging markets of handheld computing devices, information appliances, mobile phones and handheld entertainment devices."

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