StreetFusion Announces Live and On-Demand Webcasts of Investor Presentations for The ServiceMaster Company, Ingersoll-Rand Company, Infinity, Inc., Applied Imaging Corp. and Pall Corporation

Webcasts of Presentations Available at

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, May 25, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- StreetFusion, the Internet's leading financial event information network, today announced scheduled broadcasts of live investor presentations from the FRB/BSMG Virtual CEO Summit being held May 22-25.

Free access to live and on-demand webcasts of the listed companies' investor presentations, as well as a calendar of over 50 presenters at the FRB/BSMG Virtual CEO Summit, are available at

The following companies are scheduled to broadcast at the allotted dates and times:

 Company               Live Webcast               On-demand until
 -------               ------------               ---------------
 The ServiceMaster Company
 (NYSE:SVM)         05/25/00  12:00 Noon         08/25/00  11:45 PM
 Ingersoll-Rand Company
 (NYSE:IR)          05/25/00   1:00 PM           08/25/00  11:45 PM
 Infinity, Inc.
 (Nasdaq:IFNY)      05/25/00   1:00 PM           08/25/00  11:45 PM
 Applied Imaging Corp.
 (Nasdaq:AICX)      05/25/00   2:00 PM           08/25/00  11:45 PM
 Pall Corporation
 (NYSE:PLL)         05/25/00   2:00 PM           08/25/00  11:45 PM

NOTE: Eastern Daylight Time

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