The Wall Street Transcript Publishes with Money Manager Kayvan Karoon

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, June 14, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- Kayvan Karoon, CEO of Karoon Capital Management, examines portfolio management strategies in this timely and deeply informative 3,700-word interview from The Wall Street Transcript (212-952-7433) or

In a valuable review of investing strategies, Karoon explains his approach to managing money, his insights about the sector, explains his portfolio composition, and offers specific stock recommendations.

Karoon likes 724 Solutions (Nasdaq:SVNX): "They have basically become the dominant player in online wireless banking and four of the largest banks (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Bank of Montreal and Citigroup) not only adopted their system, but also have bought a piece of the company. They're expected to announce 19 more partnerships by year end."

Karoon recommends Terayon (Nasdaq:TERN), a cable modem maker: "I think that basically the way it's going, as homes are becoming more connected to broadband, Terayon's technology is being adopted by entire countries. Canada just adopted them. Yes, I think this is going to be the leader. About three to five years from now television, telephone and Internet are all basically going to be combined into one."

Karoon highlights Socket Communications (OTCBB:SCKT): "They make wireless cards for laptops for Metrocom. Metrocom is a company that's mainly owned by Paul Allen. There are these PCMCIA cards that you can plug into your laptop and they have a little antenna. It's true wireless. They trade on the small cap NASDAQ, but they're going on the big one."

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