Carreon & Associates - There's a New Hero on the Consumer Frontier

Norwalk, Connecticut, UNITED STATES

CYPRESS, Calif., Jan. 25, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) -- Carreon & Associates, a leader in ethical credit rebuilding and debt reduction solutions, has launched a revamped site aimed at helping consumers avoid credit repair scams and identity theft, and providing credit and debt education.

Carreon & Associates offers consumers a massive, free site (no membership required) filled with articles and information written by collection managers, credit officers and loan staff which teaches consumers how to do battle with debt collectors, negotiate with creditors and correct inaccurate credit reports, all in an effort to effectively solve the consumer's credit or debt problem in a reliable, ethical way. A recent consumers report study showed that up to 40% of consumers' credit reports contained some type of errors. Carreon & Associates aims at helping consumers reflect an accurate credit history to improve their overall life, while teaching them to avoid credit card scams, credit repair scams and identity theft.

"The consumers are full of power," said CEO, Steve Carreon, "but unfortunately, the knowledge they hold may be unknown to them and they seek out less then desirable companies promising 'Credit Repair Miracles.' We intend to teach consumers, for practically free, how to rebuild their credit, maintain healthy credit and stave off harassing debt collectors while avoiding these costly credit repair scams.

"Carreon & Associates has also just purchased and plans to provide low-cost and free credit and financial information for unwed mothers, divorcees and single women who are struggling with bad credit," said Carreon. "Women are seriously affected in their jobs and life by past financial mistakes and we plan to show them how to effectively solve it through ethical credit rebuilding, debt reduction and debt negotiations, giving women a final closure to past credit and helping continue to rebuild and maintain a healthy credit rating. More and more employers, landlords and creditors are relying solely on a person's credit report as the overall picture of that person's character. Women need to know how important good credit health is now and in their future."

Carreon continued: "We intend to be the best friend of the FTC and the Credit Bureaus because we are educating consumers and providing educational information to cut down on frivolous credit disputes, credit repair scams and identity theft. Once we educate the consumer in how to go about good credit maintenance and keeping their credit healthy, the credit bureaus will stop receiving so many pointless disputes that are nothing more then poor advise of some less then desirable companies promising to `clean a persons credit' for a huge fee."

The Website, is already delivering more than 270,000 hits per month. People are desperate for accurate advice and are tired of being scammed. J. Kristi Feathers, the Credit Guru at Carreon says she won't stop until every consumer knows their rights and learns how to use them. Carreon & Associates, will branch off further topics that consumers can grab for free in plain English. The site is not a law firm but rather a "Credit Library" giving consumers affordable reputable tools to maintain and rebuild a healthy credit rating.

About the company:

Carreon & Associates is a credit and debt portal with contracted relationships with debt management, debt negotiations and law firms offering their products. Carreon & Associates' core product is the credit analysis and debt negotiations-credit maintenance guide along with free articles for consumers. The site is a portal coupled with loads of free information for the consumer to use as their financial and credit companion. The company believes it is one of the most ethical sites out there for consumers seeking ethical credit information.

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