SSI Lifts Temporary Ban on Isotope Transportation from Studsvik


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Feb. 28, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- On February 27, the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI) decided to lift the temporary ban on the transportation of radioactive substances from Studsvik Nuclear AB's Isotope Service. The decision was made once Studsvik complied with SSI's requirements. For transportation involving the radiation source Iridium-192, SSI will make a decision in each individual case. SSI will continue to examine material requested from Studsvik and will re-evaluate the decision no later than by April 26, 2002.

"We have reacted quickly and decisively to eliminate the quality deficiencies that SSI has indicated. SSI has handled the matter quickly and this has allowed us to minimize downtime. We are continuing our work to improve our quality system and I assume that SSI will lift the remaining restriction on Iridium-192 no later than by April 26", said Studsvik's Group Chief Executive, Hans-Bertil Hakansson.

Facts about Studsvik

Studsvik is a high-tech company, focusing on the nuclear power industry and nuclear medicine. Business is conducted through four Strategic Business Units (SBUs): Nuclear Technology, Waste & Decommissioning, Industrial Services and Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Technology offers products and services related to nuclear power plant operation. These include the testing and analysis of nuclear fuel and materials, computer codes for reactor operation, and consulting. Activities are dependent on Studsvik's nuclear reactors and specialist laboratories, located outside Nykoping.

Waste & Decommissioning

Waste & Decommissioning treats low and intermediate level waste from nuclear reactors and provides services for the dismantling of nuclear facilities. European operations focus on the treatment of low level waste in Studsvik's incineration and melting facilities located outside Nykoping. US operations, conducted at Studsvik's facilities in Erwin, Tennessee, include volume and weight reduction of ion-exchange resins from commercial nuclear power plants in the U.S.A.

Industrial Services

Industrial Services mainly provides services to the nuclear power industry and also offers services to other industries. Operations include decontamination, health physics/personal dosimetry, chemical cleaning and dismantling of nuclear facilities as well as process cleaning. Activities have historically been concentrated to Sweden. However, since the German company, SINA, was acquired in 1998, the German business accounts for more than a half of the SBU's income.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine provides a number of nuclear-related products and methods for medical use. The range includes a method for the treatment of brain tumors and a number of radioisotopes.

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