PurchasePro Reports June e-Source Results; Sees $169 Million Cross Network During Month

PurchasePro Saves Companies $35 Million or 27 Percent in June

Las Vegas, Nevada, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, July 1, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- PurchasePro (Nasdaq:PPRO) today reported that 230 reverse auctions were held using e-Source, the company's strategic sourcing solution, in the month ended June 30, 2002, compared with 251 auctions held in May.

Low bids in the June auctions totaled $97 million, compared with $72 million in May, with opening, or high bids totaling $132 million, compared with $103 million in the prior month. The market spread or implied savings in June, between total low and high bids was $35 million, or 27 percent, compared with $31 million or 30 percent in May.

PurchasePro also reported today that the number of buying organizations using e-Source in June was 12, compared with 13 in May. The company said June strategic sourcing events attracted 3,065 bids from 868 suppliers, compared with the 2,784 bids posted in May from 821 suppliers. PurchasePro also announced that 34,000 purchase orders, valued at $37 million crossed its commerce network in June, compared with 34,000, valued at $36 million in May.

PurchasePro's sourcing process has been proven repeatedly throughout organizations worldwide, generating procurement efficiencies and price reductions that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of savings. e-Source goes beyond reverse auctions and provides customers with a complete sourcing solution and automated procurement process, enabling buyers to quantify spend analysis, qualify additional suppliers, enhance RFI and RFQ management, cultivate competitive bidding and negotiations and manage supplier relationships more effectively than before.

Among the products purchased through e-Source in June included titanium, video conferencing tools, document storage, cementing services, pallets, car rentals, organic peroxides, gloves, resins, chemicals, electricity, rocket tubes, high speed diesel oil, computers and hazardous waste removal.

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