What is Flaebeine? Discover the latest weapon of destruction in Frank Yarmik's first novel

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

STERLING, Va., Nov. 5, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- What happens when a lethal virus invades the world? The succeeding events are catastrophic as Frank Yarmik weaves a tale of science gone wrong in "Flaebeine!" (now available from 1stbooks Library). The extraordinary nature of the virus is just one of the major elements that make "Flaebeine!" an intriguing read. While biological weapons are commonly used by terrorists to spread their evil intentions, the antagonists in Flaebeine! employ a far different technique and motive.

A disgruntled lab worker is responsible for the release of the virus that pushes people to reach into their innermost sexual desires. Hilariously embarrassing moments of people on the street turning into sex-crazed maniacs provide comic relief to the pressing global concerns exposed in "Flaebeine!"

Scientists and operatives from the Defense, Intelligence, Justice and Health agencies pull together with private sector players to spread the antidote worldwide while being thwarted by a group of politicians who use the virus for their own agenda. A select few of the Task Force ultimately find that the true origin of the attack is not of this world. What follows is a confrontation of majestic proportion that leaves readers in shock and awe.

With its stimulating premise and satisfyingly outrageous characters, "Flaebeine!" makes an interesting read for those who think that terrorism is confined to violent political movements. As Yarmik proves in this wickedly funny book -- terror comes in all shapes and sizes.

Frank Yarmik is a scientist himself, having acquired an advanced degree in engineering. He worked for various beltway bandits on Government contracts and applied his inside knowledge and experience to writing his first book, "Flaebeine!" He lives with his wife, Princess Schahara of the Kalabari people, in northern Virginia.


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