Defense/Security Virtual Investor Forum February 27, 2003

Delta, British Columbia, CANADA

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Feb. 24, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- ECON Investor Relations (ECON) is pleased to announce the participation of management of Markland Technologies (OTCBB:MKLD), Law Enforcement Associates (OTCBB:LENF) and Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:UGHO) in the upcoming Informed Investors virtual forum on February 27th at Well-known industry experts will deliver the Keynote presentations including: Jack Mallon, Co-Founder of the Former IBI Security Services now specializing in Investment Banking and Research in the Security Sector, and Johnathan Tal, an Independent Analyst and Security Consultant with the Homeland Security Research Corporation.

Markland Technologies (OTCBB:MKLD) is positioned in the security sector with integrated security solutions including border/port security and explosives detection. The Company's emerging technologies and expert services are focused solely to provide customers with the tools necessary to protect personnel, data and infrastructure assets. The Company is currently a member of the Homeland Security Industries Association ( For More Information on the Company view:

Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:UGHO) is a fast growing company with a broad range of technologies and extensive management expertise in the defense sector. The Company is positioned to be a key player in the defense and homeland security industry worldwide. The company provides security assessments, risk analysis, and advanced security solutions to military, government, and commercial markets on a global basis. The Company has five strategic corporate divisions which include a Security Assessment Tactics Group that performs threat and vulnerability assessments, a Maritime Security Group that performs harbor and port security, Special Weapons Group that specializes in non-lethal weapons and a Security Technology & Engineering Group that provides product development and integration of advanced technologies and security products. For More Information on the Company view:

Law Enforcement Associates, Inc. (OTCBB:LENF). The Company manufactures and markets a diverse line of undercover surveillance products including a complete line of audio surveillance equipment. The Company is positioned in homeland defense with an under vehicle inspection system ("UVIS"), one of their leading products, with over 800 installations worldwide, including United Nations and NATO. The UVIS has recently received CE certification for European markets. The UVIS is used to view the underside of vehicles entering and exiting secure areas or facilities for explosive devices and other contraband. The Company currently markets to the Military, law enforcement, security and corrections personnel throughout the world, as well as governmental agencies, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations. For more information on the Company's products view: or

Jack Mallon is founder and principal of Mallon & Associates, an investment-banking firm in New York City that serves the global security/crime control industry. He also is editor and publisher of Mallon's Security Investing, a monthly financial newsletter on investing opportunities in the industry. Visit:

Homeland Security Research Corporation,, is the only organization solely dedicated to studying, analyzing and compiling independent, unbiased reports about homeland security industry, markets, technologies and products. Research covers the following sectors: Transportation Security (air, sea, mass transit), People Screening Cargo, Security Container Security, Mail and Mailroom Security, Sensitive Sites & Public Spaces Security.

ECON Investor Relations, Inc. currently represents companies in the security and defense sectors and publishes extensive related content and industry Research located at: ECON Investor Relations, Inc. is a financial communications firm specializing in corporate representation and investor research in emerging growth sectors. Current industry sectors include homeland defense and security, nanotechnology, environmental technologies, mortgage/ banking, gold stocks and alternative/clean energy.

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