Western Media Enters into Agreement with Wildgate Wireless, Inc.


COMMACK, N.Y., June 5, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Western Media Group (OTCBB:WMGC) (OTCBB:WMGCE), a publicly traded holding company, entered into a Private Label Healthcare Communications Agreement with Wildgate Wireless, Inc.

The agreement was entered into to facilitate additional value-added services to be offered through the Medlink Virtual Private Network (MedlinkVPN), a service offered by one of Western Media's wholly owned subsidiaries, Med-Link USA, Inc. Since negotiations between Western Media and Wildgate began, Wildgate has developed features specifically designed for the healthcare community that will initially be offered exclusively via the MedlinkVPN.

Features offered will include Wildgate Automated Appointment Confirmation, Dictation and Transcription, Record-a-Call, Data Storage, Billing Solutions and Toll-free One Number and Unified Communications Solution which offers Call Blasting, EVoice (e-mail over the phone), One Button Call Back, and Event Notification.

About Wildgate Wireless, Inc.

The mission of Wildgate Wireless is to provide nationwide, low-cost, automated, electronic connectivity between customers and the information they need. Wildgate Wireless has proprietary software and hardware, as well as the nationwide infrastructure necessary to fulfill this mission and to provide Unified Messaging, One-Number solutions, voice/email/fax messaging, personal and group scheduling, as well as Internet based and tailored information to customers across the nation, at a very low cost.

For additional information about Wildgate, please visit: www.wildgate.com

About Western Media Group Corporation

Western Media Group is a publicly traded holding company that seeks out unique business and investment opportunities in a variety of industries and in various stages. The company prides itself on independent thinking delivering insightful and objective value-added services to its clients. By having unrestricted discretion in seeking and participating in a business opportunities, Western Media Group provides its portfolio companies the necessary tools for success. For additional information about Western Media, please visit: www.wmgcorp.com

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