Love that Lasts 1,000 years -- New novel tells of love that lasts from Viking Age to current times in London

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., July 11, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- In a timeless story that transcends death and time, Merran (now available through 1stBooks), by Don E. McGregor, shows the power of the binding of souls through true love.

The first part of the novel is set in the enthralling Viking age. When Nils "the Cunning," a Viking chief who is calm, calculating and controlling, conducts his most audacious raid, yet he is forced into a meeting with Merran, a seemingly fragile slave girl. Both their lives are changed forever.

Neil Osborne, an assistant bank manager in London on a career track headed for a dead end, is suddenly bombarded with new skills, cunning and raw emotion. His consciousness is flooded with a mysterious change when a chance meeting changes his life forever.

The connections of the characters through the ages reveal themselves effortlessly, illustrating the ongoing relationship across the millennia, and perhaps lasting into the future. "It is a simple tale that suggests continuing life, loyalty and attachment in a long term way, even to the inevitable, misty worlds beyond death. This contrasts with the short term, shallow and frantic world of today, perhaps giving us the shocking notion that maybe there really is more to our brief existence," the author writes.

McGregor is currently principal of an international school in China, where he has lived for six years. An international educator and historian, he has lived and worked in the Middle East, Asia and the South Pacific. He is from New Zealand. McGregor enjoys playing guitar, music, traveling and yachting in his spare time.


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