Proxity Digital Subsidiary Cyber Aerospace Presents Spherical Airship to Military and Governmental Representatives

NEW ORLEANS & ATLANTA, April 1, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Cyber Aerospace Corp., the operating subsidiary of On Alert Systems, Inc., a Proxity Digital Networks, Inc. subsidiary (Pink Sheets:PDNW), announces they successfully presented the AeroSphere SA-60 airship and its technology to the military, government representatives, federal contractors and media. The event took place on Monday at a location on 10th Armored Division Road outside Ft. Benning, GA. Cyber Aerospace expects to provide airships to Ft. Benning's Soldier Battle Lab for testing and use by the military.

The AeroSphere SA-60 employs a spherical design and currently holds the world altitude record.

Billy Robinson, CEO Proxity Digital Networks Inc. notes, "We are marketing the airship primarily to the U.S. military and our foreign allies for use in battlefield surveillance. Various models can monitor war zones and combat areas with multiple systems platforms from all altitudes up to 70,000 feet. Border patrols can also use them to keep us secure from drug traffickers and illegal aliens. Priced in the $5 million range, the AeroSphere SA-60 low-altitude airship is designed to hover at 15,000 feet for 48-72 hours with a full payload of cameras and sensing devices. They can also be used by telecoms to complete wireless dead zones."

Cyber Aerospace Corp. purchased the AeroSphere SA-60 airship from Techsphere Systems International, LLC., a manufacturer of low-, mid- and high-altitude airships. Cyber also holds the exclusive global government marketing rights to the existing and advanced airship designs being developed for Techsphere by 21st Century Airships, Inc., a research and development company of lighter-than-air crafts. Techsphere has contracted with the Georgia Tech Research Institute to provide engineering for the integration of components for the automation of the airships. The Georgia Tech Research Institute and Techsphere will design and implement special airship applications for Cyber Aerospace clients for use in civilian, military or homeland intel missions.

About Proxity Digital Networks

Proxity Digital Networks, Inc. is a developmental holding company specializing in the deployment and integration of security protection technology and government contract fulfillment. The Company seeks to acquire and develop security technology. Proxity plans to enter into teaming and exclusive and nonexclusive marketing and distribution agreements with products developed for commercial, military and homeland defense. Visit: (

About On Alert Systems

On Alert Systems, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Proxity Digital Networks. On Alert plans to acquire the marketing rights to offensive and defensive security technologies supporting a full line of interoperable protection disciplines. By integrating a homogeneous Suite of Integrated Security Products through teaming and licensed marketing and distribution agreements, the Company plans to introduce the new product line to multiple markets. Through exclusive global licenses, On Alert has also licensed a developing system that uses acoustical and ultrasonic means to sense and evaluate activity pertinent to law enforcement, security and defense industries. Their prospective clients all share the need for enhanced security, mobile communication platforms and increased surveillance capabilities.

About Cyber Aerospace Corp.

Cyber Aerospace Corp. is assembling a team of military experts and aerospace and composite engineers to design and build a new generation of UAVs known as IUAS. They will develop VTOL mission specific and scalable designs. Cyber Aerospace plans to market mission-specific airships used in surveillance and communication capacities. Cyber will provide engineering support and systems integration for the airships. Proxity's subsidiaries will all market to different branches of the U.S. and allied governments.

About Techsphere Systems International, Inc.

Techsphere Systems International, Inc. is a manufacturer of low-, mid- and high-altitude airships. Working in concert with 21st Century Air Ships of Canada, the Company builds unique airship designs and currently holds the world altitude record. Prices range from $5 million for low-altitude airships up to $32 million for platforms stationed at 65,000 feet. Visit: (

About 21st Century Airships, Inc.

21st Century Airships, Inc. is a research and development company of lighter-than-air crafts improving airship technology and developing airships for various applications. The Company's R&D activities have resulted in a considerable number of significant inventions and patents including a new type of airship, which is spherical and finless. Capable of extended duration, high altitude flights, and amphibious arrival and departures, the basic design has been further developed for specific applications. Ten airships were manufactured during development ranging from rudimentary prototypes to sophisticated record-breaking crafts. Visit: (

About Georgia Tech Research Institute

Georgia Tech Research Institute is the nonprofit applied research arm of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. 1,200 employees perform over $100 million in research annually for 200 clients in government and industry. Visit: (

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