Skandia's Nominating Committee

Stockholm, SWEDEN

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Nov. 18, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Skandia's 2004 Annual General Meeting resolved that the nominating committee shall consist of five members as follows. One representative for each of the four largest owners (owner-groups) who wish to participate in the committee's work, to be appointed by the respective owners (owner-groups), and one representative of the small and medium-size shareholders, to be appointed by the Skandia Shareholders' Association or similar. The members shall be appointed based on the ownership conditions as at 30 September.

The following persons have now been appointed to serve on the nominating committee ahead of the 2005 Annual General Meeting:

 -- Bjorn Lind, SEB Fonder, chairman ( 
 -- Lars Idermark, Second National Swedish Pension Fund 
 -- KG Lindvall, Robur ( 
 -- Olof Neiglick, Nordea Fonder ( 
 -- Per Lofqvist, Skandia Shareholders' Association 

Skandia's chairman, Bernt Magnusson, is a co-opted member of the committee.

According to the AGM's resolution, the nominating committee's mandate is to draft and submit recommendations to the AGM for:

 -- election of a chairman to preside over the Annual General Meeting 
 -- directors' fees 
 -- the number of directors 
 -- election of directors 
 -- auditors' fees 
 -- election of auditors

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