Limelight Media Group Unveils Government Sector Offering and Contracts

IMPART Subsidiary Launches Real-Time Information System for Government Buildings

SEATTLE, July 20, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Limelight Media Group, Inc. (OTCBB:LMMG) an innovator in the content, creation and management of out-of-home digital advertising and information networks, announced today that it has completed development of a new offering designed for the government services sector. Earlier this month the company signed a contract with the Northwest/Arctic Region of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and completed installation of the system, which includes 12 display screens, in public areas throughout the U.S. Federal Court House in Seattle, Washington. The GSA is using the system to streamline the flow of highly useful information from single display sources located throughout the Court House. With more than two years in development, the unique standalone information displays provide the general public and building tenants with time-sensitive court information combined with real-time public resource information. The information systems also addresses issues raised under the Homeland Security Act, which is seeking methods to provide real-time information to individuals in government and public settings. The fully touch-interactive screens, are horizontally positioned for easy access and currently include schedules for District Court and Bankruptcy Court hearings, animated maps of courtroom locations, building services and amenities, along with court announcements, security alerts and dynamic, up-to-the-minute images of weather forecasts and weather cams from the Washington State Department of information.

Laird Laabs, president of Limelight Media Group and president of IMPART, a wholly owned subsidiary of Limelight, comments on the new offering and market opportunity, "From a content perspective this system is one of the richest and most extensive we've ever designed and built and we believe it lays the foundation for broad government information sharing throughout state and national government systems." Laabs added, "Naturally, we will be aggressively marketing this proven solution nationwide to address security concerns propelling growth caused by the Homeland Security Act because it directly addresses the heightened need for real-time communication."

The display screens designed for the Seattle Federal Court House take information directly from court data sources through a secured network layer that is designed, delivered and managed through an information management layer that updates the system on a continuous, real-time basis. The sophisticated system also harvests information from the Internet for dynamic, up-to-the-minute weather information from the Washington State Department of information.

The Courthouse system is the third of a series of contracts the company has been working on that target public areas within government buildings. Earlier this year, the company designed, sold and deployed similar systems at the State of Washington Department of Ecology building in Lacy, Washington, and at the Capitol Legislature building in Olympia, Washington. Both locations are using IMPART information systems to convey useful general information and other unique building-related information to the public. Examples include expected information such as directories, conference room schedules and even building cafe menus which are updated from shared data sources, in addition to uncommon information such as the building condition, temperature, and Oxygen and CO2 levels within building zones. The Capitol Legislature building, which is an example of sustainable energy, also uses the system to communicate energy levels derived from solar panels on the roof.

"We believe the government market is a strong opportunity for the future of our public networking systems," stated David Lott, CEO of Limelight Media Group. Lott added, "With this technology foundation each building in the state can deliver information to its public and ultimately share that information with other specific locations creating an integrated communication platform to connect government buildings and their programs whenever and wherever they need or choose to.

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