Increased Concentrations of ProtoKinetix's Synthetic AFGP Dramatically Slows Aging Process on Skin Cells

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 7, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Results just received clearly confirm that in the presence of ProtoKinetix's (OTCBB:PKTX) synthetic antifreeze glycoprotein (AFGP), the aging process of skin cells was significantly reduced over increased time frames. By increasing the concentration of AFGP, these latest results show a 90% survivability of skin cells as opposed to 90% mortality without AFGP presence. Imad Nasrallah, president of ProteoCell Biotechnologies, states that "these results demonstrate that AFGP proves to be a strong preservative molecule which can maintain cell viability close to 100% even after an extended period of time."

ProtoKinetix management is convinced that these outstanding results illustrate that the synthetic AFGP molecule can be a major factor in the substantial delay of skin cell death due to the aging process or external stress factors. Outside of the obvious applications within the cosmetic industry for skin care products, this data has provided very positive indications for the preservation of blood products, organs and vaccines. In addition, the tests performed with high concentration of AFGP confirmed the benign nature of this synthetic molecule by displaying zero toxicity.

This data has been provided by ProteoCell Biotechnologies of Montreal at temperatures of 3 degrees C and -3 degrees C over a 34-hour period with concentrations of 10mg./ml. and 15mg./ml. The cells used were human embryonic fibroblast skin cells.

About ProtoKinetix:

ProtoKinetix Inc. is a scientific development company whose mission is the advancement of human health care. The Company's first entry into the commercial market place will be the launch of the first synthetically replicated antifreeze glycoprotein (AFGP). PKTX has developed a unique business model that brings together a vast pool of world recognized intellectual talent in a networked environment. This integrated scientific approach combines the disciplines of physics, chemistry and molecular biology in order to fast track product development.

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