Limelight Media Group Aggressively Pursues Digital Media Patents

Innovative Technology May Be the Key to Making Digital Media More Effective

SEATTLE, Sept. 16, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Limelight Media Group, Inc. (OTCBB:LMMG), an innovator in the content, creation and management of out-of-home digital advertising and information networks, announced today that the company's IMPART subsidiary is taking an aggressive stance in its bid to own the patent rights to new digital media networking technology that it believes could fundamentally change how consumers interact with digital media, making it an even more viable communication medium.

Of the patent applications filed, the most important includes a broad method patent for a technology structure to deliver information on media devices in both public and private venues. This technology serves as the basis for the company's industry-first, iPoint Network(tm) solution, a narrowcasting system that includes both passive and interactive advertising and content in a single, standalone, wireless unit. The patent-pending technology that distinguishes this solution from any other system is the relationship between the non-interactive display information and interactive capability. Unlike digital signage that simply displays information; the iPoint Network system lets users interact with the screen to find highly specific, real-time information. For example, as information is delivered in the display portion of the screen, the information available in the interactive portion of the system changes to match. This creates a measurable platform for brands, advertisers and marketers to marry useful information with user-requested information.

Laird Laabs, president of Limelight Media Group and IMPART, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Limelight stated, "We believe that peppering useful information with interaction is the key to making digital media displays work." Laabs explained, "This unique approach moves digital media beyond entertainment into a new realm because it creates a compelling reason for consumers to look at and seek out more information."

The company plans to continue its aggressive approach to this new and growing business category. For example, the patent-pending, broad technology structure creates a platform for various sub-application patents that have also been filed that specifically address the delivery of unique bits of information for the user to interact with.

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