Mila Products, LLC Introduces EMK Placental Anti-aging Serum

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Oct. 19, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Mila Products, LLC a pioneer in placenta protein based beauty products, announces the development of an anti-aging serum which is safer than Botox, skips the injections and significantly reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. The concentrated age-resistance topical treatment with its matchless ingredients was initially discovered while treating burns.

The burns were treated with the placenta protein extract -- which is rich in biologically active ingredients, including antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, organic acids and minerals - and which was rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin, something it does for unscarred tissue as well. Emilia Karsh, Mila's President, wanted to share these miraculous results and developed an entire skin care line, all containing placenta protein extract. Results have been incredible. Today top medical professionals endorse it.

The EMK anti-aging serum in particular carries a substance known as, "Pro-Collagen III" which is present in babies from birth to ten years of age. Pro-Collagen III is the source for the fatty tissue and plumpness in babies' skin. As this fatty tissue declines over a period of years, collapsing around the eyes and the sides of the face will become quite noticeable and more severe. The unique biological compounds in placenta ensure that skin cells are supplied with the necessary nutrients and oxygen needed for healthy cellular regeneration.

Mila Products CEO, Linda Eastwood, stated that "All items in the beauty products line contain the placenta protein extract, including our textile products with a patented delivery system that also firms, adds resilience and provides a noticeable lift to the skin resulting in a non-surgical facelift. The placenta protein extract is molecularly compatible to human tissue, allowing for deep penetration into the cellular walls, and making placenta protein extract a highly effective treatment."

One medical professional discovered the skin-smoothing properties of the EMK placental serum when she applied it to patients with pre-cancerous skin lesions. Ananda Zaren, R. N. said, "When it was applied once a day to the specific area of the lesion, within one week it was gone. If the EMK Placental Serum can resolve a pre-cancerous lesion, than I know that the serum is going very deep and causing cell renewal and differentiation, and at the moment I am documenting any further findings from the placenta serum. It is with great pleasure that I am seeing the EMK Placental Serum deliver pronounced healing, regenerative and moisturizing benefits to excessively dry and damaged skin."

The most important distinction of the new placenta tissue processing technology used by Mila Products versus all other existing tissue processing technologies is Mila Products' complex and unique mechanical methods of sterilization and extraction. The sterilization methods used for the EMK line ensure both the safety of the placenta and the selected extraction of the desired biologically active substances. The ultrasonic frequencies in Mila's production technology increase the activity of amino acids which are necessary for cellular replication throughout the body, which results in firmer, healthier skin. Furthermore, due to this unique technology, the EMK Placental line contains no hormones, heavy metal salts, or radio-nuclides, but is composed only of ecologically clean components of natural origin in a cosmetic base of botanicals.

Mila Products, LLC has a complete line of skin care products for both women and men, all of which are highly effective and easy to use. The company's online newsletter features up-to-the-minute information by leading experts on all matters of skin care, plastic surgery and general health issues. Mila Products, LLC products are medically and dermatologically tested for safety and effectiveness.

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