Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Up 6.38 Percent In 2005

Large Caps OutPerform Small Caps in Final Quarter

Santa Monica, California, UNITED STATES

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 10, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- The U.S. equity markets posted a solid 4th quarter gain of 2.21%, as the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 finished the year with a respectable 6.38% return for 2005, according to Wilshire Associates a global leader in investment technology, investment consulting and investment management.

Rebounding from the bear markets of 2000-2002, 2005 marked the third consecutive year of positive results. Small capitalization stocks surrendered their leadership role, at least temporarily, as large caps outperformed during the quarter. Micro-caps lagged larger size segments, with the Dow Jones Wilshire Microcap index returning 0.62% and 1.23% for the quarter and year, respectively. Continuing a recent trend, growth stocks outpaced value across capitalization segments for both the quarter and year.

 ---------------------------------- ----------- ----------- ----------
 U.S. Equity                        Monthly (%) 4th Qtr (%) 1 Year (%)
 ---------------------------------- ----------- ----------- ----------
 Dow Jones Wilshire 5000               0.14        2.21        6.38
 S&P 500                               0.03        2.09        4.91
 Dow Jones Wilshire 4500               0.48        2.70       10.03
 Dow Jones Wilshire REIT               0.10        2.52       13.82
 ---------------------------------- ----------- ----------- ----------

 U.S. Equity by Size/Style
 ---------------------------------- ----------- ----------- ----------
 Dow Jones Wilshire 2500               0.13        2.24        6.47
 ---------------------------------- ----------- ----------- ----------
 Dow Jones Wilshire  - Large Cap       0.13        2.32        6.35
   Dow Jones Wilshire Large Growth    -0.05        3.12        7.08
   Dow Jones Wilshire Large Value      0.29        1.61        5.75
 Dow Jones Wilshire  - Small Cap       0.10        1.65        7.38
   Dow Jones  Wilshire Small Growth    0.54        2.49        9.69
   Dow Jones Wilshire Small Value     -0.32        0.85        5.29
 ---------------------------------- ----------- ----------- ----------
 Dow Jones Wilshire Microcap           0.80        0.62        1.23
 ---------------------------------- ----------- ----------- ----------

"Despite a pullback in the 4th quarter, the energy and utilities sectors led the way in 2005, posting returns of 35%% and 15%, respectively," noted Steven J. Foresti, managing director, Wilshire Associates. "Interestingly, the compression in yield spreads did not stop the financial sector from posting a solid 6.1% gain in 2005 with a strong run up of 7% in the 4th quarter. The consumer discretionary and telecommunication services sectors lagged the broader market, with annual returns of about -4.6% and -2.3%, respectively."

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