ET Financial Announces New Consumer Loan Business Channel as Non-Banks Pursue Consumer Loans

Olympia, Washington, UNITED STATES

OLYMPIA, Wash., April 6, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- ET Financial Services announced today that it has opened a new business channel for OSCAR(r), its powerful loan consumer and small business loan origination, funding, documentation and servicing outsource service.

"While we've been expanding our community bank footprint across the nation and increasing our penetration of the HELOC and second mortgage markets," explained R. W. Christensen, Jr., ET's CEO. "We've been interested in the businesses from disparate other industries that have knocked on our doors the past year. These companies share two traits: they see substantial value from adding or increasing their exposure to consumer finance, and they want a complete outsource resource. With ET they get a complete, turnkey, cost effective private label operation to originate, fund and service consumer loans."

In recent months ET has begun working with firms in the financial services, manufacturing, retail and travel and leisure industries. Despite wide differences in products and services, they share a common thread: enthusiasm for consumer financing. Whether to increase the number or depth of their customer relationships, bring more financing profits in-house, or increase sales of their primary products with fast and consumer-friendly financing, these firms know that the way to the consumer's heart is through their wallet.

"Vast segments of the consumer finance marketplace are underserved and only marginally appreciated by traditional financial institutions," Christensen added. "In past decades we've witnessed the disintermediation of large-ticket consumer product financing-cars and houses-from banks. That is spreading to all the other consumer products as well. While we work with progressive community banks to recapture their rightful share of the market, this is an enormous opportunity for ET to serve consumers in the non-bank sector, too."

With the cutting-edge technology and services that ET can share with its clients, almost any firm can quickly, easily and profitably arrange almost any form of consumer financing for its customers. In as little as two weeks, a firm can be up and running, offering its customers sophisticated risk based pricing and professional servicing.

"The deal flow that we're seeing typically ranges between $20 million and $200 million of annual originations and so far centers around secured term loans," said Cindy Kay, ET's Vice President-Financing. "However, there is building interest around bringing private label credit cards in-house and term and revolving financing for services, as well."

OSCAR(r) can accept applications in the business' storefront or office or directly from the customer through the firm's own website. Typically in less than one minute, OSCAR(r) will perform the necessary credit investigation and analysis, integrate the hundreds of data points; and decision and price the loan or line in accordance with the firm's standards. In less than ten minutes OSCAR can fully document the loan; fund it; and, report on the quantity and quality of the loans it produces either for portfolio or sale or securitization.

About Enhanced Technology Financial Services, Inc.

ET Originates, Services, Collects, and Reports on private label consumer loans, HELOCs and small business loans for community banks, mortgage bankers and non-bank financiers using its proprietary OSCAR system and team. By combining ET's risk-related pricing and best-in-industry servicing, ET's clients can generate higher margins and more volume with lower risk and less volatility, simultaneously. ET Financial Services is headquartered in Olympia, WA and information about the firm is available at