Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC Issues Cautionary Statement of Unauthorized Use of Its Name by Unknown Third Parties in Email Spam Campaign

Clermont, Florida, UNITED STATES

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 28, 2006 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC ("Emerging Markets") announced today that its name has been misappropriated without its knowledge or consent in connection with what appears to be a fraudulent spam email campaign that touts the securities of at least one penny stock, Bralorne Mining Company ("BLNM"). Emerging Markets does not have an agreement of any nature with BLNM or any other party to provide investor relations or any other services to or for BLNM nor has it authorized any party to use its name in connection with BLNM.

The unauthorized emails make improper claims such as easy profits, conceal the identity of the sender, fail to provide any Securities Act of 1933 Section 17(b) disclosure of the compensation received by the email publisher, and attempt to create an urgency to immediately purchase BLMN's shares. Emerging Markets cautions investors that mass emails, especially those with similar improper claims, are frequently used by unsavory stock promoters in connection with "pump and dump" schemes. In these types of schemes, unsavory stock promoters often disseminate misleading mass emails to the public to cause unsuspecting investors to purchase a security while at the same time dumping their own shares into the public market to be purchased by these unsuspecting investors.

Emerging Markets has initiated an inquiry to determine the source of the unauthorized email campaign using the Emerging Markets name and it urges recipients of these emails to forward them to info@emergingmarketsllc.com. Emerging Markets has directed an inquiry to BLMN to determine whether it has an agreement with any party authorizing an email dissemination on its behalf. Emerging Markets intends to pursue all available legal remedies against any party to prevent the unauthorized use of its name in connection with any investor relations activities or otherwise.

Emerging Markets seeks to provide accurate information to the public concerning the companies that it represents, including appropriate risk disclosure, as well as disclosures required by Section 17(b) of the Securities Act of 1933 as mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The foregoing release should not be construed to reflect negatively upon BLMN and you should not assume that BLMN had knowledge of or consented to the unauthorized use of the Emerging Markets name. As mentioned above, EMC has directed an inquiry to BLMN to determine whether it has an agreement with the publisher of the unauthorized emails.