Ensim Announces First Commercial Support for Fedora Core 6 With the Latest Upgrade of Ensim Pro X for Linux

Ensim Demonstrates Swift OS Support, Responding With Latest Pro Release in Less Than 100 Days of Fedora Core 6 Launch

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 5, 2007 -- Ensim, the leading supplier of service enablement and automation software for hosted IP and application services, today announced Ensim Pro X for Linux - Version 10.2, the latest version of the industry's premier server management and automation control panel.

Key highlights of the latest version of Ensim Pro X for Linux include:

Support for Fedora Core 6

Ensim customers are now able to deploy Ensim Pro X on FC 6.0 and enjoy the latest OS features available. This applies to new users with the latest version, as well as upgrades for existing customers.

FC 6 is the latest version of the widely used Fedora Core Operating System and has already over a million installations.

Support for Virtuozzo 3.0

With this latest release, Ensim Pro X for Linux supports CentOS 4.4 (Community Enterprise Operating System 4.4), RHEL 4 (Red Hat® Enterprise Linux ES Release 4), FC 4 and FC 6 (Fedora™ Core 6) operating systems. Ensim Pro X can be installed on a Virtuozzo server that allows users to create multiple, isolated virtual environments on a single physical server.

"At The Planet, our customers depend on us for the reliability, scalability and network readiness required to run their operations around the clock," said William Charnock, vice president of technology for The Planet. "Ensim control panels offer an attractive option that adds to the security and stability we provide."

"Our latest Ensim Pro X demonstrates both our commitment to supporting new versions of Linux operating systems as well as the extensibility of our control panel allowing us to respond quickly to market demands," said Arun Arunkumar, senior vice president of products at Ensim. "With the release of FC 6 less than a hundred days ago, we recognized the importance of being able to deliver a control panel that could enable our customers to take advantage of the latest features that these operating systems provide."

Availability of Ensim Pro X for Linux - Version 10.2

Ensim Pro X for Linux - Version 10.2 is immediately available for purchase at Ensim's online storefront. For more information about Ensim and Ensim Pro, please visit http://www.ensim.com

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