DNSstuff.com Grants Automated Usage Rights to Members

Automated Inquiries Provide a Faster Way to Investigate Spammers, Possible Fraud, and Assist in Maintaining an Overall Healthy Network Secure Against Hackers

NEWBURYPORT, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 21, 2007 -- DNSstuff.com, a global leader in DNS knowledge and tools with one of the largest communities of IT professionals on the Web, today announced that it has begun offering members automated access to its DNS-related tools. With automated usage, DNSstuff.com becomes an even more important weapon in the fight against hackers and spammers.

"DNSstuff.com is a valuable tool for anyone in the hosting industry," said Justin Shipley, CEO of MabusHosting.net. "We often use the application to troubleshoot VPS and hosting issues -- everything from simple domain issues to IP reverse DNS and spam listings. We are excited about automated access because it will allow us to more quickly prevent or respond to potential issues."

Instead of manually entering individual inquiries, members can now use their own scripts or tools to programmatically query DNSstuff.com for a more comprehensive and accurate picture of their network health and stability. This is especially useful for ISPs and IT staff combating hackers or spammers, Web Hosting Providers monitoring a multitude of customer domains, and IT staff at large corporations that are managing a constant stream of DNS and mail server changes. The automated usage service also helps to free IT resources that can be devoted to other issues or tasks.

"This is simply our first step toward more robust automated usage access," explained Paul D. Parisi, CTO of DNSstuff.com. "The need for information will continue to grow in proportion to new and varied types of Internet threats. We are in the process of building our own Web API and automated access tools to meet that increased demand."

Automated usage rights are available to DNSstuff.com members as a set of tiered fees based on the number of queries made each month. The base cost for this access is $50 per month for up to 2,000 look-ups. Annual membership to DNSstuff.com is $36 per year. More information about DNSstuff.com membership and proactive alerting and monitoring services can be found at www.dnsstuff.com.

About DNSstuff.com

DNSstuff.com is the Web's premiere destination for DNS professionals, offering free online tools to monitor and maintain one of the most vital, yet vulnerable, lynchpins in the infrastructure supporting the Web -- the Domain Name System. DNSstuff.com is a web application providing expertise and all the tools necessary to ensure that your DNS operates smoothly, efficiently and safely. It is one of the largest and most trusted communities of IT professionals on the Web, and can be found at www.dnsstuff.com.

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