DNSstuff Dedicates Sponsorships to Further DNS Education and Awareness

DNSstuff.com Aims to Improve DNS Awareness and Expertise by Investing in Programs Targeting Current and Future IT Professionals

NEWBURYPORT, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 26, 2007 -- DNSstuff.com, a global leader in DNS knowledge and tools with one of the largest communities of IT professionals on the Web, today announced two new sponsorships designed to further DNS-related education and awareness.

DNSstuff.com is offering reduced-rate memberships to select IT audiences to foster a greater understanding of basic DNS issues and best practices. The first recipients of these reduced-rate memberships include a grant to 500 members of the Microsoft® MVP community and sponsorship to the Minneapolis Urban League's Digital Career Academy.

"We're eager to educate key sectors of the IT community about our DNS tools and knowledge so they can be used to fight threats and manage DNS more effectively," said Arik Keller, chief operating officer of DNSstuff.com. "These first sponsorships are the start of our outreach program and will help form a new class of current and future IT professionals more adept and aware of basic and advanced DNS issues."

Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are recognized, credible and accessible individuals with expertise in one or more Microsoft products that actively participate in online and offline communities to share their knowledge and expertise with other Microsoft customers. DNSstuff.com has committed 500 reduced-price memberships to this group in an effort to provide resources these MVPs can use to assist themselves or others in improving DNS settings and issues.

DNSstuff.com has also granted free memberships to students participating in the Minneapolis Urban League's Digital Career Academy's A+ Certification course. The students are learning essential hardware and software fundamentals along with hands-on activities to study for their A+ Certification exams. Their coursework is based on the new A+ 2006 objectives from Comptia. This course was made possible through a grant from the ATT/SBC Foundation. Students were selected from under-served communities after passing an entrance exam.

"DNSstuff tools will help the students find and translate information through a website interface that removes a layer of complexity when using tools like nslookup, whois, traceroute, spam blacklists and mail tests," explained Adria Richards, instructor at the Minneapolis Urban League. "These students will understand and use the same Internet and DNS concepts as many mid-to-senior level IT professionals. I appreciate DNSStuff.com for the tools they provide to the Internet community and the students at the Minneapolis Urban League."

For information on DNSstuff.com or to inquire about the company's sponsorship program, please visit www.dnsstuff.com.

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