DNSstuff.com Unveils Industry's First DNS Resource Center; Announces Content Partnership With Infoblox

New Portal Assists IT Professionals With DNS Information, Tools, and Insights Through User-Driven Content, Third-Party Expert Information and Educational Resources

NEWBURYPORT, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 30, 2007 -- DNSstuff.com, a global leader in DNS knowledge and tools with one of the largest communities of IT professionals on the Web, today unveiled the industry's first online DNS Resource Center to help address DNS issues and to combat growing concern over the vulnerability of DNS. The DNS Resource Center is the ultimate destination for DNS and networking best practices and expertise with information, tools and insights from the leading experts in the space, as well as user-generated content and feedback.

The company also announced that it has teamed with Infoblox to create original content for the center and publish advice from Cricket Liu, the company's Vice President of Architecture, a renowned DNS expert, and co-author of O'Reilly and Assoc. book "DNS and BIND." Additional contributors include F5 Networks and ReturnPath.

"DNS is most often made vulnerable by simple configuration errors that can easily be corrected with proper education or training," explained Paul D. Parisi, CTO of DNSstuff.com. "The DNS Resource Center offers all of the industry's best information and advice in one easy-to-use and access website so that IT professionals can quickly find the answers they need. We've removed the guesswork from the equation."

Within the DNS Resource Center, DNS expert Cricket Liu will host a forum for his insights on topics chosen by DNSstuff users. In addition to Mr. Liu's content, the site will feature valuable links, resources and educational resources from DNSstuff.com, as well as advice from DNSstuff.com staffers and select third-party experts. The site also allows end-users to tag useful articles or to add their own suggestions and critiques so that featured content is as relevant as possible.

The DNS Resource Center will include the following elements:

--  User Driven Content: Advice, insights and best practices submitted by
    users and reviewed by DNSstuff.com.
--  DNS Resources: Relevant DNSstuff.com monitoring tools, such as the
    root server map, and situational tutorials to provide step-by-step advice
    for DNS issues. Current topics include "Proactive steps to avoiding a DNS
    denial-of-service attack" and "Designing your DNS for resiliency."
--  Tech Zones: Features data, best practices and solutions from expert
    partners in their respective sectors on the most requested topic areas.
    Current topics and partners include Infoblox for IP appliances, F5 for
    global IP traffic management and load-balancing, and ReturnPath for email
--  Blogs: Includes blog entries from a number of individuals at
    DNSstuff.com ranging from the company's founder and DNS expert to
    DNSstuff.com's CEO and ultimate visionary. These experts discuss simple to
    complex DNS issues or answer questions posed to them by users.
--  DNS Forums: One forum for members and one for non-members; users can
    post questions to experts or ask one another for DNS advice and best
The DNS Resource Center can be found online at http://member.dnsstuff.com/rc/.

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