SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - May 30, 2007) - Discera, Inc., a World Leader in CMOS MEMS resonator technology and provider of next-generation timing solutions, today announced that Discera executives will be speaking at four spring industry conferences -- Electronics Components and Technology Conference, IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium, Nikkei MEMS International and MEMSWave/ RF Cluster Meeting. Discera's CEO, Tom Willey and CTO, Wan-Thai Hsu will address key issues surrounding the MEMS industry and timing market.

Dr. Wan-Thai Hsu, Chief Technology Officer of Discera, and EE Times Innovator of the Year, and co-author Andrew Brown, will present at The European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF) and the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (IEEE-FCS), taking place May 29 - June 1 in Geneva, Switzerland. Hsu and Brown will discuss "Frequency Trimming for MEMS Resonator Oscillators." This paper presents various frequency trimming methodologies with the focus on silicon based micromechanical resonators. The European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF) and the IEEE Frequency Control Symposium (IEEE-FCS) are premier technical conferences for time and frequency products and related technologies. For more information, visit

Event: The European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF) and the IEEE
International Frequency Control Symposium (IEEE-FCS)
Location: Geneva International Conference Center - Switzerland (Room 1)
Speaker: Wan-Thai Hsu, Chief Technology Officer, Discera
Session: Synthesizers, Resonators & Noise Mechanisms
Topic: Frequency Trimming for MEMS Resonator Oscillators
Date/Time: Thurs., May 31, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Dr. Minfan Pai, Staff Engineer of Discera, will present a poster session, "The New Heart Beat of Electronics -Silicon MEMS Oscillators" at the Electronic Components and Technology Conference, taking place May 29 - June 1, in Reno, Nevada. Electronic Components and Technology is acclaimed as the premier international packaging, components, and microelectronic systems technology conference, striving to offer its attendees an outstanding array of packaging technology information. For more information, visit
Event: Electronic Components and Technology Conference
Location: John Ascuaga's Nugget - Reno, Nevada
Speaker: Minfan Pai, Staff Engineer, Discera
Topic: Poster Session: The New Heart Beat of Electronics - Silicon MEMS
Date/Time: Wed., May 30 - Thurs., May 31, 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Tom Willey, Chief Executive Officer, will be presenting at MEMS International, NikkeiBP Tech-on Seminar, June 6-7 in Japan. MEMS International is a two-day technical seminar to discuss trends in MEMS technology. Specific topics include MEMS packaging, silicon microphone and silicon oscillators. For more information please visit
Event: MEMS International, NikkeiBP Tech-on Seminar
Location: Grand Prince Hotel, Akasaka, Japan
Speaker: Tom Willey, Chief Executive Officer, Discera
Topic: MEMS Oscillators: The Next Wave in Timing Solutions
Date/Time: Wed., June 6, 1:55 - 2:40 p.m.

Dr. John Clark, Staff Engineer of Discera, will be speaking at MEMSWave, June 26-29 in Barcelona Spain. Dr. Clark will also give the keynote address at the RF Cluster Meeting being held in conjunction with MEMSWave on June 29. His keynote will address RF-MEMS research and industrial status and perspectives in the U.S. The MEMSWave Symposium will provide an international forum for scientists and industrialists for the exchange of information on the most recent advances and best achievements in the area of RF MEMS with emphasis on European activities. For more information please visit:

Event: MEMSWave and RF Cluster Meeting
Location: Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
Speaker: John Clark, Staff Engineer, Discera
MEMSWave Topic: Vibrating RF MEMS - Oscillators and Beyond at MEMSWave
Date/Time: Wed., June 27, 9:00 - 9:20 a.m.
Cluster Meeting Topic: RF-MEMS research and industrial status and
perspectives in the U.S.
Date/Time: Fri., June 29, 9:00 a.m.
About Discera

Discera is a fabless analog semiconductor company that offers tiny, high performance silicon resonators for the frequency and timing control markets. These resonators act as the heartbeat or pulse for a variety of devices from consumer products such as cameras and MP3 players to specialized equipment for the military. The company's PureSilicon™ resonator technology is a fundamental building block that offers, according to Semico Research, "a better mousetrap" for creating fully integrated, low cost, small form factor wireline and wireless products, such as oscillators, filters, and RF components. Unlike crystal based oscillators, Discera's PureSilicon™ based CMOS oscillators can be integrated into other CMOS-based circuits. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Discera is a privately held company with investments from Ardesta, Partech, 3i, Qualcomm Ventures, Horizon Ventures, and Scale Ventures. More information is available at

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