Coupa Launches First Complete On Demand e-Procurement System for Small and Mid-Size Companies

Big Business e-Procurement Software Benefits Now Available to SMBs at a Starting Price of $2,495 per Year

FOSTER CITY, CA--(Marketwire - October 22, 2007) - Coupa, a pioneer in e-procurement solutions for small and mid-size organizations (SMBs) and sponsor of the world's leading open source e-procurement project, today announced the availability of Coupa On Demand. For the first time, companies with 10 to 5,000 employees have access to an e-procurement solution with advanced capabilities previously only available to the Fortune 500. The entry price for the new Coupa On Demand service is $2,495 per year for 10 users, which is less than one tenth the cost of competing full-featured e-procurement products.

Coupa has taken a fundamentally different approach to e-procurement software by combining the power of enterprise-class, procure-to-pay solutions with the user experience of consumer-oriented Web 2.0 technologies. Only Coupa delivers this combination with budget-friendly subscription pricing.

Coupa is also the first on demand e-procurement solution for SMBs that automates the entire purchasing process -- from requisition, approval, and purchase order creation to RFQs, quotations, receiving, inventory, and invoicing. Coupa enables companies to streamline their procurement processes, boost productivity, and save money.

"By implementing Coupa On Demand, we eliminated the upfront costs to purchase and configure hardware and software, and we don't have to deal with ongoing system maintenance," said Gloria Davila, Cambridge College's IT director. "With Coupa, we have greater control over our purchasing process, and we're making smarter purchasing decisions that reach our bottom line."

About Coupa On Demand

With today's announcement, Coupa is furthering its promise to help SMBs achieve big purchasing savings without the pain and headaches of traditional enterprise software. Coupa On Demand provides:

--  Rapid time to value - Coupa's new on demand service provides SMB
    customers with a rapid path to successful e-procurement, so they are
    operational on the system within days. Additionally, the new Coupa Quick
    Start program ensures success by providing customers with Coupa solution
    experts to assist in configuring their systems and populating their new
    system with purchasing data, including preferred suppliers and contract
--  Extended supplier connectivity - Coupa's mission is to offer world-
    class e-procurement to SMBs. Today's announcement furthers this commitment
    by introducing Coupa Punch-Out. This new capability enables SMBs, for the
    first time, to buy directly from online suppliers, using authorized prices
    and contract terms, without leaving the Coupa application. This helps
    retain proper controls while increasing order accuracy and speeding
    fulfillment times.
    Coupa has already teamed with six suppliers -- Data Dimension, Dell,
    Invitrogen, Office Depot, OfficeMax, and VWR International, and expects
    to establish additional partnerships during the coming months.
--  The most affordable solution in its class - Coupa has been able to
    bring a full-featured e-procurement solution to market at an affordable
    price because of its commitment to using the latest technologies and
    components available in the public domain. By leveraging the new Amazon
    Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) web service developed by,
    Coupa gives its On Demand customers access to virtually unlimited computing
    power at a far lower price. And, by tapping into the powerful Amazon-built
    infrastructure, customers are assured a powerful, secure, and reliable

"Companies no longer have to pay a million dollars up front for a procurement system and then wait for months before they see value," said Coupa co-founder and CEO Dave Stephens. "Coupa's subscription pricing won't cost you an arm and a leg, and our on demand service ensures you are up and running in no time."

About Coupa

Coupa provides simple, quick, and affordable e-procurement solutions and sponsors the leading e-open source procurement project. Coupa On Demand delivers big business procurement automation and spending controls to small and mid-size organizations, enabling companies to streamline processes, improve productivity, and save money. Coupa Express, the open source solution of choice among small and mid-size companies, has been downloaded by more than 9,500 organizations worldwide.

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