nFront Security to Specialize in Network Security Software

nFront Password Filter to Revolutionize Password Security

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Oct. 23, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- The company businesses trust for network security has a new division and a new focus. nFront Security,, is a new division of Altus Network Solutions, Inc. nFront Security is positioning itself to be a leader in the manufacture and sale of innovative security software products that improve network security and save administrators time.

Altus Network Solutions, Inc. originally was established as a consulting company in 1997. However, with the development and success of a revolutionary password policy enhancement and enforcement tool, the business focus has shifted from consulting to opportunities in security software. "Until recently we were a consulting company that just happened to produce software. Moving forward, nFront Security is focused on being a top notch software company with a product line of innovative software security products," said Gregg Branham, nFront Security CEO.

nFront Security's flagship product, now called nFront Password Filter, is a password policy tool for Windows Active Directory and SQL Server that prevents the use of weak, easily hacked passwords. nFront Password Filter allows network administrators to create and enforce multiple password policies within a single domain. The policies can be configured to encourage the use of passphrases or to simply force administrators to use passwords that are less susceptible to rainbow cracking. The software includes the ability to scan a new user's password against a multiple language "dictionary" of commonly used passwords. nFront Password Filter can scan the new password against over 2 million commonly used passwords is less than one second. The software can then reject the non-compliant password before it is allowed on the network.

All software configuration is done via Group Policies (GPO) and the software architecture includes no single point of failure and no "password policy server." nFront Password Filter is used by many companies to meet SOX, PCI and HIPAA password compliance requirements.

About nFront Security

nFront Security specializes in innovative software solutions for network security. The company's prominent program, nFront Password Filter, protects data integrity by establishing password policies that prevent the use of easily hacked passwords. This enforcement tool is available for Windows Active Directory and Microsoft SQL servers. Companies in more than 20 countries and numerous Fortune 100 companies use nFront Password Filter to meet SOX, HIPAA and PCI requirements. For more information, visit or call (404) 348-4678.