'Tis the Season for Job Hunting

Tips for Job Seekers to Keep the Job Hunt Humming During the Holidays

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 20, 2007) - Job seekers often postpone their search around the holidays, from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, believing no one is hiring or holding interviews, reports ERE Media (http://www.ere.net), a community of recruiters around the world.

"The holidays are one of the better times of the year for job seekers to examine their career," says Todd Raphael, ERE's editor-in-chief. "With all that takes place around the holiday season, it's a great chance for networking and meeting new people."

ERE recommends several tips to help find a job during the holidays.

1. After Thanksgiving, Give Thanks. Send an email or holiday card to those people who have helped with your job search or those who have interviewed you. They will appreciate that you appreciate them, and will keep your name top of mind.

2. Spread the Love. Get involved in volunteering and you may meet people who will make great contacts for a future job. Contact the Boys & Girls Club (bcga.org), or Big Brothers/Big Sisters (bbbsa.org). Visit volunteermatch.org to see what's available in your area.

3. 'Tis the Season to Analyze Demographic Data. "The U.S. workforce is aging because birthrates aren't what they used to be," says Raphael. Industries like health care and education are likely to be strong for many years. There are also jobs available at lesser-known companies in growing sectors like transportation, energy, and defense.

4. Invest in Yourself. Take a professional development class. Check out blogs your friend or colleagues have mentioned. Learn some new industry buzzwords. Subscribe to a magazine that is on top of important trends.

5. Bring Joy to the World Wide Web. "Sharing your expertise on a blog, discussion group, or through a video on YouTube allows others, especially future employers, to see what you potentially have to offer," says Raphael. "Many recruiters look on blogs to find out who knows their stuff."

6. Take Advantage of Holiday Parties. If there's a holiday party, whether personal or professional, accept the invitation. Make mention you're looking for a job but be sure to also mention something about what you've accomplished in the past. You never know how family members, friends or colleagues may be able to help. Make yourself visible and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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