Rapid Customer Adoption Quadruples Exterro's 2007 Revenue and Drives National Expansion

Exterro Quadruples Customer Base and Revenue, Doubles Its Employees, Triples Office Space Based on Demand for Its Legal Hold and E-Discovery Workflow Software

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - December 10, 2007) - Exterro, a leading provider of advanced workflow technology to the legal industry, today announced growth results for 2007. Over the last year, the company's client base and revenue more than quadrupled, demonstrating market demand for its offerings. Exterro has expanded its services to help clients streamline the different phases of the e-discovery process and manage the associated complex workflow surrounding legal holds, collections, data review and production management. Over the last year, Exterro has expanded its Oregon operations, opened an Eastern Region office, introduced new product offerings, added both development and strategy partners, and increased its client services and support team members. For 2008, Exterro projects a revenue growth of more than 500 percent compared to 2007.

"Over the last year, Exterro has seen significant company growth based on market demand for our legal hold and discovery management software," said Bobby Balachandran, CEO. "Fortune 500 and AMLAW 200 companies are now seeing us as the resource to turn to for consistency, repeatability and defensibility in e-discovery."

In 2007, Exterro's expansion efforts have included:

--  Move and Expansion of its headquarters in Oregon: Exterro has moved
    from its Kruse Woods 1 office to its new office at 4949 Meadows. To
    accommodate the growing number of employees, it has tripled its office
    space at this new office in Lake Oswego, Oregon.
--  Opening of its Eastern Region office: Exterro has opened its Eastern
    Region office in New Jersey to manage Exterro's East Coast Corporate and
    Law firm clientele.
--  Strategic Partnerships: Exterro is partnering with leading e-discovery
    technology providers and consultants to deliver end-to-end discovery
    solutions that solve complex workflow issues surrounding the e-discovery
--  New Modules to add to its e-discovery workflow platform, Exterro
    Fusion: Exterro has introduced several new modules. The Exterro Fusion
    Legal Hold module eliminates human error, generates faster response time
    for litigation requests, and decreases risk and exposure to sanctions. The
    Collection Workflow Management Module automates the collection process. The
    Review Planning and Metrics Management Module provides collaboration with
    outside counsel on strategy decisions by real-time integration.
--  Additional Members to its Client Success team: In 2007, Exterro's
    employee base had doubled worldwide. Exterro now has over 54 employees and
    offices in Lake Oswego, New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and
    India. Exterro has enhanced its client success team by adding seasoned
    industry veterans including Erika Boggs as Client Success Manager at its
    corporate headquarters and Victor Pizzolato as Litigation Readiness
    Consultant out of its Eastern Region office. Both will work with Exterro's
    corporate and law firm clients to ensure successful implementation of its
    Discovery Workflow Management and Legal Hold Management software
    applications. Exterro anticipates to rapidly add employees to its client
    success, development, integration and R&D teams during 2008.

More information about Exterro can be found at www.exterro.com.

About Exterro:

Headquartered in Lake Oswego, Ore., Exterro is an Enterprise Software company providing Legal Hold and e-discovery Workflow Management solutions to corporate and law firm counsel. It helps legal teams control litigation processes and costs and automate the workflow related to discovery management by tightening collaboration between outside counsel, in-house legal teams, service providers and experts. Exterro Fusion Legal Hold module eliminates human error, generates faster response time for litigation requests, and decreases risk and exposure to sanctions. Exterro believes that process automation and improvements in litigation -- especially in discovery -- can be learned from the quality improvement successes of other industries and disciplines. Exterro's easy to use, quick to deploy and simple to integrate workflow management platforms are built on a patent-pending, open architecture that fits neatly with existing business processes and systems. A built-in management workflow provides cost controls, delivers time savings and reduces risks throughout the litigation support process. In addition to its headquarters, the company has offices in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Dallas. Find out more about Exterro and its technologies at www.exterro.com.

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