Cites the Top 5 Reasons Fiber Optic Technology Tops Copper for Computer Networking Applications

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - January 22, 2008) - Are you trying to decide between fiber optic and copper cabling for your computer networking application? If the not-so-mere fact that fiber optics have completely revolutionized communications over the past couple of decades isn't enough, -- among the world's leading purveyors of cable, wire and equipment management-related products for use in business and at home -- offers these 5 key reasons why fiber optic cables are a best bet for telecommunications and datacom network applications:

1. Fiber optic is so much more efficient...and secure than copper cabling. In comparison, fiber optic cables can transmit far more information, and with a greater degree of fidelity. In fact, fiber links offer over 1,000 times as much bandwidth over distances over 100 times further than copper. Fiber optic cabling also offers extra security for the data being transmitted, since it is far more difficult to tap than copper cable.

2. Only fiber optics can go the distance. Not only is fiber optic cable capable of carrying far more data than copper, it also has the ability to carry that information for much longer distances. Indeed, a fiber-optic cable can easily transmit a signal as far as 80 km or more without the need for amplification.

3. Fiber optics can't be interfered with! Because fiber optic cables are glass-based, they don't conduct electricity. This eliminates the need for grounding, and makes them immune to any type of electrical interference -- even lightning. Since fiber optic cabling is so resistant to interference and atmospheric conditions, it can be used outdoors -- and in close proximity to electrical cables -- without concern.

4. Fiber optic cables don't mind roughing it. Glass fibers don't only escape interference, they are virtually free from the threat of corrosion, too! While copper cabling is sensitive to water and chemicals, fiber optic cabling runs almost no risk of being damaged by harsher elements. As a result, fiber optic cable can easily endure "living conditions" that coaxial cable just can't, such as being put in direct contact with soil, or in close proximity to chemicals.

5. You may be surprised by fiber optics, but you won't be shocked. A major benefit of fiber optic cabling is that it doesn't pose a threat of physical injury to the user if it breaks. Since fiber optic cabling transmits light and not electricity, the people handling it run no risk of injury from fire, sparking or electrocution.

"Today's increased ability to transmit more information over longer distances quickly has expanded the boundaries of technological development in many areas, including data networking, wireless and satellite communications, cable operations and broadcasting," notes Paul Holstein, co-founder and COO of "All of this has, in fact, become possible by the use of fiber optics, and as technology users insist upon improved performance, the demand for and use of fiber optics will continue to increase."

Fiber Optics, also called optical fibers, are microscopic strands of very pure glass with about the same diameter of a human hair. Thousands of these optical fibers are arranged in bundles in optical cables and are used to transmit light signals over long distances. The bundles are protected by a jacket, which is the cable's outer covering. Even though the fiber optic system is similar to the copper wire system, fiber optics are steadily replacing copper wires today as an appropriate means of communication signal transmission.

In 1999, it was reported that an estimated $14.6 billion was spent on fiber optics items. These tremendous figures were greatly attributed to the growing trend of the Internet. But today, more and more companies are using fiber optics for other purposes as well -- not just for the Web. Some types of companies that use fiber optics today include computer offices, telemarketing networks, manufacturing plants, Internet broadband companies, online video providers, Ethernet users, medical offices, hospitals, financial institutions, communications companies, and many others. Fiber optic technology has grown tremendously over the years and is used in many applications today. Without us realizing it, fiber optics have become an essential part of our everyday lives. offers more than 130 cabling products manufactured by Corning -- the world leader for fiber optics -- among its vast array of fiber optic products that are all available to consumers through its industry-leading online catalog located at From fiber optic cables and patch cords to network testers and wall mount fiber enclosures, is sure to have a solution to meet any fiber optic need. Products offered include:

Fiber Optic Enclosures

--  CORNING Single Panel Housing
--  Leviton DPS Optical Splice Enclosures
--  Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

Fiber Optic Cables

--  Single-mode
--  Multimode (62.5/125µm)
--  Multimode (50/125µm)
--  Berk-Tek Fiber in a Box

Media Converters

--  Fast Ethernet Media Converts
--  Signamax Gigabit Switching Media Converters
--  16-Bay Media Converter Chassis

Fiber Optic Connectors

--  Corning UniCam® Connectors
--  Leviton FastCAM Connectors
--  Leviton Thread-Lock® Connectors

Corning Cable System

--  Corning Fiber Optic Cables
--  UniCam Multimode Connectors
--  Kits and Testers
--  Fiber Optic Housings

Termination & Testers

--  Termination Kits
--  Fiber Optic Testers
--  Kingfisher Testers
--  Consumable & Cleaning Kits


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