Insurance Companies Positioned to Capitalize on Internet Sales Leads; Data Suggests Insured Go Online 6 Times or More per Week

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 29, 2008) - Fifty-five percent of well-insured adults go online six or more times a week, according to Experian Research Services. As the insurance industry has the highest customer acquisition cost in business today, an online strategy is necessary to attracting these well-insured prospects.

Download free demographic profile of well-insured adults from Experian Research Services:

According to Ken Treske, president of Vente, an Experian Company, the demand for insurance can be triggered by a number of specific individual circumstances such as a new home, baby or dissatisfaction with existing providers. "Unlike other industries, insurance marketers can rapidly steal market share by focusing on changes at the individual level," said Treske. "The best tactic for accomplishing this is via the Internet because of reporting technology which allows you to reach qualified consumers in real-time."

Watch Treske, present an online strategy for insurance marketers:

Experian Research Services isn't the only company to point to the Internet. In the next five years, the Direct Marketing Association predicts that commercial e-mail spending will rise 23.4 percent per year along with Internet advertising spend rising 18.7 percent each year.

ProQuire, a product of Experian Research Services, offers specific prospect lists with a propensity to purchase certain products or services. ProQuire uses research from Simmons National Consumer study and Experian's portfolio of Web sites, ad networks and data validation tools to identify the right consumer behaviors, plan campaigns and provide error-free data feeds.

Experian Research Services (ERS) is ranked one of the fastest growing market research companies by Jack Honomichl, the leading market research authority. ERS, a part of Experian, is comprised of Simmons, a full service, consumer research organization that has been The Voice of the American Consumer for more than 50 years, and Vente, a real-time online quality lead generation service.

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