Alpha Resource Center, LLC Opens New Jersey District Office

RED BANK, N.J., Feb. 28, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Alpha Resource Center, LLC (ARC), a leading provider of family preservation education and divorce mediation services since 1993, announces the opening of its New Jersey district office, located in Red Bank, NJ. Melissa Delis Barth, Esq., ARC vice president, will be managing partner of the new district office.

"ARC is excited to open the New Jersey district office in Red Bank," says Delis Barth. "We are now well positioned to provide educational and divorce mediation services to clients in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, areas in which we did not have a true presence previously."

"ARC has been expanding quickly to meet the realities of the market," Delis Barth continues. "Demand for our divorce mediation services has been growing as people become increasingly aware of the benefits associated with taking the divorce mediation path, as opposed to the traditional Court-litigated divorce. They save time, they save money, and, most importantly, they can save their family a great emotional toll with a collaborative approach to the divorce process."

ARC also offers courses in Marriage Success (helping couples build stronger, enduring relationships) Separation and Divorce (helping couples in the divorce process protect their legal rights and their children), and New Beginnings (helping families adjust to the major transitions post-divorce.) Educational programs are offered to various community and professional organizations. ARC has also started to offer interactive webinars that are easily accessed by the public through an internet connection to

In addition to the Red Bank office, ARC has 14 offices located across New Jersey and South Eastern Pennsylvania. The opening of the Red Bank headquarters marks ARC's commitment to providing its divorce mediation and educational offerings over a wider geographic area and to a greater number of people.

ARC's mission is to foster the healthy functioning of all types of families, whether intact, separating, or divorced, with caring and comprehensive mediation and educational services.

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