RAID Inc. Launches StorageWatch(R) Version 5.0

StorageWatch's 24/7 Remote Monitoring Service Proactively Ensures Business Continuity and Data Integrity for Entire Storage Systems

METHUEN, MA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - RAID Inc., a customer-centric storage service provider specializing in custom manufacturing of leading edge storage solutions, today announced the availability of RAID's flagship product StorageWatch® version 5.0. StorageWatch is the industry's only real-time 24/7 pro-active storage monitoring and management service. Version 5.0 will provide RAID's customers with improved remote management and reporting capabilities that have made this product genuinely unique in the storage market.

StorageWatch's patent pending technology performs predictive analysis, which securely detects and corrects data irregularities. From RAID's Storage Network Operations Center, expert staff performs a series of preventative maintenance procedures which cleanses and protects all data. StorageWatch is available with disaster recovery solutions including synchronous and asynchronous remote replication, offsite storage and back-up solutions. Since data storage assets require the most advanced level of support, it is not enough to respond to problems after they occur, or even rely on computer generated alerts. StorageWatch incorporates human intelligence to properly diagnose and resolve issues in "real time," ensuring that business operations and data are continuously available.

"The 24/7 storage monitoring and support, coupled with outstanding customer service has made StorageWatch a vital tool for our customers and a trusted service for the protection and availability of their most critical data, " stated Bob Picardi, Chief Operating Officer at RAID, Incorporated. "StorageWatch 5.0 will bring a new level of centralized management for increasing the efficiency of our monitoring services, as well as provide more advanced remote capabilities for disaster recovery."

Features and Benefits of StorageWatch:

--  Uptime: StorageWatch ensures maximum availability of an entire storage
    system by providing real-time proactive monitoring of the overall condition
    of your storage solution 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All components of a
    customer's solution and environment are monitored for irregularities
    including; Storage Arrays, RAID engines, disk drives, power supplies,
    cooling, switches & fabric (all SAN devices) and backup devices.
--  True pro-active/preventative maintenance: StorageWatch utilizes patent
    pending technology to perform predictive analysis on your storage system.
    Systems are put through a series of preventative maintenance procedures
    which cleanses data and ensures integrity. Tolerance levels are established
    for each component of your storage system and any deviations are instantly
    recognized by our Network Operation Center where corrective action is
    initiated. In the event of a component falling below the prescribed
    tolerance level, RAID has the ability to dispatch a trained service
    technician 24x7, anywhere within the United States.
--  Performance Tuning: The performance of your storage solution can
    depend on a number of factors including usage, design, and individual
    component operation. RAID, Inc. tunes performance by making recommendations
    and initiating system configuration changes to fit your specific
    application. System optimization can be tweaked and storage engine
    resources reallocated on the fly to meet your performance requirements.
--  Reallocate Your IT resources: StorageWatch eliminates the need to
    dedicate IT/IS personnel to monitor and manage your storage infrastructure.
    RAID provides expert administration of your storage environment where most
    entities don't realize the necessity.
--  Virtual Administrative Functions including: Storage Provisioning and
    volume allocation, Parity regeneration (integrity verification), Remote
    software upgrades, Storage expansion and reconfiguration, Performance
    tuning, SAN administration including fabric and switch zoning, Battery
    reconditioning, Monitoring of satellite offices where little or no IT staff
    is present.
--  Security: RAID eliminates security risks by establishing a secure,
    encrypted connection between our Network Operation Center and storage
    system. Security protocols such as SSL are used and multiple levels of
    security and password authentication are put in place to ensure your
    network will never be compromised. Each storage system is pre-configured to
    operate with your firewall and internal network security devices. RAID has
    no access to customer data and security patches, typically associated with
    OS based storage appliances, are not required.
--  Reporting: Customers receive quarterly, comprehensive reports
    including system level status and performance, notification and event
    summary, configuration and preventative recommendations, pro-active
    maintenance summary.

"We rely on RAID Inc. and the StorageWatch platform to ensure that our storage system operates flawlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," said Simon McClusky, Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "RAID's service and support delivers on all of our expectations.

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About RAID Incorporated

Headquartered in Methuen, MA, RAID Incorporated is a managed storage services provider (MSSP) and designs customized storage systems and solutions. RAID Incorporated's flagship service StorageWatch® is the industry's only real-time monitoring and managed storage service which reduces customers' total cost of ownership by reducing operational costs associated with maintaining and administering storage systems while increasing data availability. Since 1994, RAID has been devoted to researching and developing leading edge technologies while providing twenty-four hour support services to become one of the industry leaders. RAID specializes in solving compute, application, and disaster recovery needs with a unique platform combining hardware, software, and services.

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