LoggerHead Tools -- Bionic Wrench(TM) Receives 2008 IF Universal Design Award in Germany, Only One American Manufactured Product Receives Award

Universal Design Sets New Standard -- Good Design Is Not Good Enough Anymore

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - April 3, 2008) - LoggerHead Tools has received an IF (International Forum Design GmbH) Universal Design Award for its Bionic Wrench™ product line, a new class of adjustable ergonomic wrenches, with a patented mechanically efficient mechanism, that distribute force equally around a nut or bolt. This is the only product manufactured in America to receive a 2008 IF Universal Design Award. Since its launch in May of 2005, LoggerHead has received a total of 12 other international new product design awards for the Bionic Wrench™ and its other inventive product lines. The Universal Design Award is the first competition to focus on the principles of universal design exclusively, striving beyond the traditional attributes of form and function normally associated with award winning product design. As stated by Prof. Walter Herbst of Northwestern's Masters in Product Development (MPD) Program in a recent article in Fast Company magazine, "Good design is not good enough anymore."

The IF (International Forum Design GmbH) principles of universal design include; Equitable use -- the product is accessible to the broadest possible customer spectrum, Flexible use -- the product swiftly adapts to new demand criteria, Ease and intuitive use -- the product stands out for its intuitive operation and ease of use, Error tolerance and Safety -- the product exhibits reliability, confidence on the part of the user and safety in every respect, Economic feasibility -- the product is innovative, feasible, and has market potential and capability. Universal design aspires beyond simple form and function to achieve the highest level of usability by all people.

The award winners were dominated by Asian and European companies, but three US Companies also received awards; Apple, Inc., Cupertino, CA, OXO International, New York, NY and LoggerHead Tools, Chicago, IL with the Bionic Wrench™ being the only awarded product to be both designed and manufactured in the United States. Dan Brown designer and inventor of the Bionic Wrench™ commented, "I am honored to receive this award. I believe the principles of universal and sustainable design are the foundation of future products. I am proud that we can continue to maintain our growth strategy as an American-made product in this hyper-competitive marketplace."

LoggerHead Receives 3 Plant Engineering 2007 Product of the Year Awards

LoggerHead Tools also recently received three Readers Choice Awards from Plant Engineering for Product of the Year, for its Bionic Wrench, Bionic Grip and Bit Dr.® product lines. These awards are unique in that they are voted on by the readers of Plant Engineering magazine. "The Plant Engineering Product of the Year Awards are the premier honor for new products in the manufacturing industry today," said Bob Vavra, editor of Plant Engineering. "We are very excited about the caliber of products that were entered in the competition and believe that some great solutions have been recognized for their excellence in the industry."

Aspiring Beyond the Form and Function Paradigm

"The best products provide a satisfying customer experience, are simple to understand and have a universal distinction," said LoggerHead Tools President Dan Brown. "These awards validate our mission to distinguish our products leveraging the principles of universal and sustainable design. Our design strategy is to aspire beyond the typical form and function paradigm and create a unique problem-solving user experience." Brown added that product differentiation plays a fundamental role in the company's philosophy of developing and manufacturing its products in the United States. Brown said, "Competing with low cost imported products is impossible without a competitive advantage; unique products and the customer capturing experiences they provide are the only opportunity to compete in the global marketplace with an American-made product."

Simple, Intuitive Products Appeal to People of All Abilities

With a reputation for innovation earned in a very short time, LoggerHead Tools' patented and award winning product lines include the Bionic Wrench™, Bionic Grip™, Bit Dr® and ImmiX® universal multi-tool. Each product has a simple, intuitive, universal appeal that is easy to use for people of all abilities. "Our products are very unique, I never get tired of demonstrating them because I am always rewarded with that momentary expression of astonishment when someone sees one of our products for the first time," says Brown. The Bionic Wrench™ automatically adjusts to fit multiple sizes of fasteners with the simple squeeze of a hand. The Bionic Grip™ has an open wrench head and internal linter-locking mechanism. The Bit Dr®, the world's only 21 in 1 screw driving system combines unparalleled functionality in the size of a large pocket knife. Popular Mechanics said of the Bit Dr®, "A brilliant sequel to the screwdriver, the Bit Dr® offers more functionality than any other self-contained screwdriver system in the world." The ImmiX®, a novel "out of the box" approach to multi-tools, delivers the functionality of up to 34 full-sized tools in a 6-inch, 8-ounce package. The ImmiX® multi-tool combines a 6-inch Bionic Wrench™ with an integral pistol grip screwdriver, 10 bits, and two knife blades.

LoggerHead Tools products are available directly through LoggerHead Tools (www.loggerheadtools.com and 1-888-LOGGERHEAD), through specialty catalogs and in retail stores.

About LoggerHead Tools

LoggerHead Tools LLC designs, develops and commercializes inventive, new-to-the-world tools manufactured in the United States. The company's mission is to create problem-solving innovations that provide enhanced value to its customers based on patented creative sustainable competitive advantages.

About Dan Brown

Dan Brown founded LoggerHead Tools in 2005 to commercialize the Bionic Wrench™. As an active Inventor, entrepreneur and product development consultant over the past 25 years, Dan has earned over 30 US Utility Patents, and numerous Foreign Patents for a wide range of commercial products and clients. Dan has a Masters Degree in Product Development (MPD) from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, and currently is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Northwestern, teaching "Differentiation by Design™" in the Engineering, Design and Innovation (EDI) Masters Degree program at the Segal Design Institute in Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering.

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