Edgewater Receives Approval From British Columbia Government to Convert One Third of Major Scallop Farm to "Off-Bottom" Growing Method, Increasing Farm Capacity by 300% and Adding 20 Million Scallops to the Harvest Cycle

GAITHERSBURG, MD--(Marketwire - April 8, 2008) - Edgewater Foods International, Inc. (OTCBB: EDWT) announced today it will convert one third (308 acres) of its largest scallop farm near Bowser, British Columbia, to the off-bottom (suspended) growing technique. When completed by the summer of 2008, the "off-bottom" method will increase farm capacity by 300% and add 20 million scallops to the harvest cycle.

The company received an amended aquaculture license approving this action from the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands on March 27, 2008, following a comprehensive inter-agency review, including an environmental assessment.

Robert Saunders, Chairman, CEO and President of Edgewater, stated, "We are extremely pleased to receive this approval to convert one third of our largest scallop farm to off-bottom culture. We believe it will prove highly valuable to our company's growth. The approval opens a significant new farming area close to our hatchery at Qualicum Beach, BC, and is a major milestone in reaching our farm production goals."

"The company's emphasis is on expanding future scallop crops, continuing infrastructure improvements and launching new sales and marketing efforts. In the first quarter of our current fiscal year (quarter ended November 30, 2007); we increased revenues by approximately 250%. With our emphasis on the expansion of future crops, coupled with our recently completed new processing facility and new marketing efforts, we expect to see such revenue increases continue," Mr. Saunders added.

The Bowser site comprises a total of 926 acres and is the largest of five farm sites (or tenures) operated by Edgewater's wholly owned subsidiary Island Scallops Ltd. (ISL) on Vancouver Island.

The off-bottom suspension technique -- growing scallops suspended on horizontal longlines submerged 30 feet below the surface and anchored to the bottom about 100 feet deep -- has proven highly productive for growing shellfish while having no significant negative impact on the environment. Neutral buoyancy of the longline is maintained by submerged pressurized floats attached to the longline. There are no floats or other structures on the surface from which any part of the farm is suspended. At the Bowser farm, only navigation buoys marking the boundary will occur on the surface.

Programs such as the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise and the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch rate scallops farmed using off-bottom methods as "Best Choice" in terms of environmental impact and ecological sustainability. No artificial feeds or chemicals are used, and the underwater structures act like an artificial reef, providing a refuge for juvenile fish and a substrate for a myriad of marine organisms, increasing biodiversity.

About Edgewater Foods International, Inc.

Edgewater Foods International, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, is the parent company of Island Scallops Ltd. ("ISL"), a Vancouver Island aquaculture company. Established in 1989, ISL has successfully operated a scallop farming and marine hatchery business for over 18 years. ISL's facilities represent the largest private marine research hatchery and the first fully integrated shellfish producer in Canada.

Edgewater Foods is dedicated to the farming, processing and marketing of high quality, high value marine species: scallops and sablefish. Farmed Pacific scallops are unique to North America, and Edgewater is the predominant producer of live-farmed Pacific scallops.

The Pacific scallop is a hybrid developed by ISL through extensive research and development and proprietary hatchery technology that significantly increases growth yields while resisting disease. It is one of the largest scallops in the world, reaching about 15 cm in size and more than 1 pound in weight. The company believes there is virtually no existing competition for producing this scallop. Edgewater is committed to rapidly expanding production and profits and financing aggressive growth, while maintaining quality and a healthy respect for a clean, sustainable marine environment.

Scallop farming is inherently a "green," environmentally sustainable industry. Scallops require clean water to grow and can only be harvested from clean waters. No chemicals or food are added to the environment, and cultured scallops are an organic food product. All scallop seed is produced in the Island Scallops' hatchery, so no natural populations are exploited.

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