RAID Inc. Launches Compact New Razor RAID Solution

World's First External Small Form Factor RAID Solution Offers Compact Design and StorageWatch(R) 24/7 Remote Monitoring Service

METHUEN, MA--(Marketwire - April 14, 2008) - RAID Inc., a customer-centric storage solutions provider specializing in custom manufacturing of leading edge storage solutions, today announced the availability of its new 1U 4Gb Dual Controller RAID solution that offers unprecedented space efficiency. This solution can be expanded in 1U increments for a total of 60 drives, either SAS or SATA. The world's first external Small Form Factor RAID subsystem, the Razor provides all advanced RAID functions in a 1U enclosure, which is ideal for small spaces such as cockpits, tanks, submarines and other civilian applications with specific space constraints.

The Razor offers exceptional price, performance and reliability. By consuming 40 percent less power than comparable solutions, the Razor drives down IT costs, reduces power consumption through a cooler enclosure, which results in better reliability. Its airflow requirements minimize the chance of encountering thermal issues. The high-end 15,000 RPM 2.5-inch SAS drives feature 1.6 million hours of mean time between failures (MTBF), which is 15 percent higher than 3.5-inch disk drives. The compact Razor device is 70% smaller than comparable 3.5" drive solutions on the market today.

The Razor's unique design allows twice the number of spindles within the same footprint, making it ideal for I/O intensive applications. Unlike 3.5-inch disk drives requiring at least a 2U enclosure, the Razor houses twelve 2.5-inch SAS disk drives in each 1U enclosure. The Razor also supports capacity expansion with up to four JBOD enclosures.

The Razor comes with RAID's patent pending StorageWatch service, which is the industry's only real-time proactive monitoring solution. It monitors the overall condition of the storage system, identifying irregularities with storage arrays, raid controller, disk drives, power supplies, cooling, switches and fabric, and backup devices. StorageWatch incorporates human intelligence to properly diagnose and resolve issues, ensuring that business operations and data are continuously available.

"The Razor gives organizations tremendous value and exceptional reliability in a small footprint," stated Bob Picardi, Chief Operating Officer at RAID, Incorporated. "It's compact enough to be used within military equipment such as tanks and cockpits and other usage applications which deal with similar space limitations, but the Razor still delivers the speed and performance excellence that is expected from a RAID product."

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