Launches New Online Contest Site Tests Members' IQ With a Variety of Clue-Based Riddles and Games

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - May 13, 2008) - today introduced its new online contest community that awards cash prizes to members who can solve the site's numerous clue-based contests. The contests include "Crack the Code," which requires site members to piece together a number of clues to find the answer to the puzzle; "Who am I?"; and "Where in the World?," a geography-based contest that leads members to an unknown city, monument, venue or other landmark. People interested in participating in the contests can register to play at

New contests are introduced each Monday with subsequent clues released every day at Noon Eastern Time. If a contest gets solved prior to the next Monday, will launch a new game so there is always at least one running at any given time.

"According to industry experts, more than 217 million people play online games each year, many of which do not offer incentives to play like," said Brian Beeler, founder of "We created an easy-to-use, fun and interactive way for people to test their knowledge about everything from famous people and places to popular landmarks and historical events.'s contests do not require a special download and won't take all day to play. In just a few minutes each day, members can read the clues, make a guess, and potentially win hundreds of dollars."

For each of's contests, site members have unlimited chances to solve each game. The first person to use the clues to solve the puzzle wins cash or prizes ranging in value. The amount of cash or value of the prize will generally be related to the difficulty of the game; with the largest payouts being the most difficult to solve. Every game will have a winner.

Beeler added, "Since we started just a few months ago, we have already experienced tremendous growth in the number of members and the activity in our online contests, with some having upwards of 16,000 individual guesses. As our site grows, so will the number and variety of contests that we can offer, and the size of prizes."

About is an online contest community featuring interactive, clue-based games that test the IQ of site members. is owned and operated by Flying Pig Ventures, L.L.C., a developer of Internet properties. For more information about the site and contests, visit

Contact Information: Contact: Brian Beeler 513-602-3767