SafeAuto Insurance Company Announces Tire Safety Check Event

Company Teams With Zisser Tire to Provide Free Air Pressure Checks to Help Drivers Save on Gas and Keep Safe During Memorial Day Travel

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - May 16, 2008) - SafeAuto Insurance Company will team up with Zisser Tire & Auto Service to provide free tire safety checks for St. Louis drivers. According to SafeAuto, the Play it Safe tire check safety event, held Saturday, May 17, 2008, will help drivers save money on gas and help prevent driving dangers during the busy Memorial Day holiday.

"Traveling for Memorial Day weekend is a tradition, and this year gas prices are top of mind for Missouri drivers," said SafeAuto president and chief operating officer Jon Diamond. "Keeping tires properly inflated is one of the easiest ways drivers can cut down on excess gas mileage and save money at the pumps. That's why SafeAuto Insurance Company is teaming up with Zisser Tire to help St. Louis drivers 'play it safe.'"

SafeAuto offers Missouri drivers five essential tips to maintaining proper tire pressure. SafeAuto's tips are based on more than a decade of experience in the automobile insurance industry, offering state required insurance coverage to an underserved market.

Those tips include:

1) KNOW THE FACTS -- Locate the recommended tire pressure on the vehicle's tire information placard, certification label, or in the owner's manual.

2) KEEP RECORDS -- Record the tire pressure of all tires.

3) GET TO THE RIGHT PRESSURE -- If the tire pressure is too high in any of the tires, slowly release air by gently pressing on the tire valve stem with the edge of your tire gauge until you get to the correct pressure.

4) KNOW THE DIFFERENCE -- If the tire pressure is too low, note the difference between the measured tire pressure and the correct tire pressure. These "missing" pounds of pressure are what you will need to add. At a service station, add the missing pounds of air pressure to each tire that is under-inflated.

5) WE'RE ALL EQUAL -- Check all the tires to make sure they have the same air pressure (except in cases in which the front and rear tires are supposed to have different amounts of pressure).

About SafeAuto

SafeAuto Insurance Company was started in Ohio in 1993. As a provider of minimum insurance coverage and serving an underserved market, the company quickly expanded into Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas. Today, the company provides minimum insurance coverage to automobile drivers in 14 states. SafeAuto is a direct-to-consumer auto insurance company that does not rely on a middleman, which ultimately saves its clients money. The company specializes in minimum coverage to meet the law's requirements for automobile insurance coverage in every state in which it operates.

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