Teresis Brings Hollywood-Grade Video Production Management and Archiving Tools to the Corporate Sector

Companies of All Sizes and Across All Industries Can Subscribe to Teresis Online to Access the Same Technologies Used by the Entertainment Industry to Produce Corporate Videos

Santa Ana, California, UNITED STATES

SANTA ANA, Calif., May 28, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Teresis Media Management Inc., the leading provider of tapeless workflow and digital asset management technologies for the entertainment and broadcast industries, today announced it is broadening its customer base to include the corporate sector. Its flagship solution, Teresis Online(tm) now delivers a "corporate production facility" class of service in a unique monthly subscription model, making it affordable to businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

Digital media is becoming increasingly essential to corporate communications. From advertising, sales and online marketing to employee training, internal communications and corporate events, more and more businesses are making corporate videos to get their message across. The problem is that producing these videos and managing digital media assets can be costly and time consuming. Businesses have had to either add expensive infrastructure and technical staff or hire an outside production company at a great cost.

Now businesses have a cost effective means to manage the lifecycle of their video assets. The Teresis Online(tm) monthly subscription service delivers the same technologies and features that are used by television and film productions to the business sector, from small businesses with a single office to large corporations with departments and divisions located all over the world. The service has a user-friendly interface that helps even non-technical staff to log, transcribe, edit, repurpose, distribute and archive video content all in-house on a MAC or PC.

"Crossing over into the corporate sector demonstrates the versatility of Teresis' technology that is highly marketable outside the entertainment industry," said the company's President and CEO, Keri DeWitt. "Video content is being utilized today nearly everywhere. We experience it in supermarket checkout lines, doctor's offices, libraries, schools, airports, airplanes, office building lobbies and corporate boardrooms. Teresis is a vital platform for completing the supply chain from the content creators to the final distribution of the finished product."

By subscribing to Teresis Online(tm), all types of companies and their staffs can quickly and easily access a broad spectrum of pre- and post-production tools over the Internet. No downloading or streaming of the media is required, and all media remains local to the clients' office network and within their control.

To become a Teresis Online(tm) subscriber, please contact (310) 595-4236 or sales@teresis.com.

About Teresis

Teresis Media Management Inc. is the leading provider of tapeless automation, digital workflow and asset management technologies. Its Teresis Online(tm) subscription service is a browser-based platform of tools that enables producers, directors, writers, story producers, editors and production companies to create scripts and storyboards, and digitize, log, transcribe, search, annotate, and edit footage collaboratively and remotely using a MAC or PC. It is the first platform to offer the potential for producers to diversify their products, repurpose their assets, and generate new revenue streams all from a single production.

As part of its overall vision and strategy, Teresis bridges the gap in film and video production between camera and distribution by completing the supply chain between content creators and new emerging distribution channels in the Video-On-Demand (VOD) market space. Its patent-pending technology functions as both a cost center reduction system for producers and production companies to manufacture their shows cheaper and faster. For additional information about Teresis, please visit www.teresis.com.

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