Top Chip Makers Stack Up on Strategy

Adexa Hosts 2008 Semiconductor Summit With Focus on Productivity and Profitability

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 4, 2008) - Adexa, Inc. recently hosted its 2008 Semiconductor Users' Group Summit in San Jose, CA. With 19 of the top 25 global semiconductor companies in its client base, Adexa is considered to be the world's leading provider of Supply Chain Planning solutions to this challenging and dynamic industry. Over a dozen of the top chip-manufacturing and fabless companies in the industry were represented by their Sr. supply chain managers. Speakers included such major semiconductor companies as Micron, Skyworks, Analog Devices, Microchip, and IDT.

"It was almost humbling to have the people who run some of the most complex supply chains in the world, serving the most demanding customers in the world, under one roof," said Kameron Hadavi, Adexa's VP of Marketing and Alliances. "Specific interactive discussion sessions were held in order to promote deep sharing of information and strategies."

The summit topics were selected based on the most utilized solutions by Adexa customers which included Demand Collaboration, Supply Planning, Available-to-Promise, Attribute-based Sales & Operational Planning, and Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization.

The response from the attendees was overwhelming. "Adexa's Supply Chain Planner is at the heart of our planning process and our operation execution," said Francisco Buitron, Skyworks' Vice President of Supply Chain for World Wide Operations. "Within Silicon Laboratories, Adexa has been proven a success," as stated by Ryan Colaco, System Analyst. Furthermore, Sue Wong of Analog Devices mentioned that "Adexa has been working great... and it is also a very flexible tool."

"This event was about bringing the industry leaders together and giving them an opportunity to learn from each other, which does not happen very often," said Cyrus Hadavi, President & CEO of Adexa. "We believe this kind of interaction is the only way for our clients to better define their Supply Chain strategies and for us to fine-tune our technology roadmap into the future."

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