Executive Marketing Summit Reveals Insights on Predictive Analytics Role in Consumer Marketing

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - June 25, 2008) - Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATi) recently hosted an Executive Marketing Summit to gather valuable intelligence from Chief Marketing Officers and Senior Marketers about the role of analytics and metrics in consumer marketing. The interactive discussion provided a forum to detail best practices and experiences in how executives use analytics to maximize performance and measure marketing return on investment (MROI). ATi provided an exclusive preview of their new predictive analytics dashboard for consumer and event-based marketers.

ATi unveiled features and advanced analytic capabilities of their new dashboard marketing solution in order to collect important executive insight on how executives can use predictive analytics to optimize consumer marketing performance. The ATi dashboard enables marketing executives a real-time view of the impact of their initiatives and the predicted results -- driving while looking over the horizon, rather than by looking in the rear view mirror.

"Our experience has shown the greatest challenge marketing executives face today is being able to use their data to look into the future and predict with accuracy consumer behaviors," said Susan Cordts, president and CEO of Adaptive Technologies, Inc.

The participants in our Executive Marketing Summit confirmed they have a strong interest in using predictive analytics with real-time intelligence to gain traction in a very competitive consumer marketplace, no matter what industry they represent. A common challenge the executives identified is the difficulty in implementing predictive analytics because of a severe deficiency in available expertise for modeling and analytics in combination.

"Analysts are available in greater numbers in comparison to available expert modelers and that is why ATi's predictive analytics web-based solution is so appealing to predict at the individual level and aggregate those individual level profiles up to group profiles," said Tracy Tannenbaum, VP of Marketing at Centex Homes. "Their software-as-a-service application eliminates the need to find in-house modeling expertise and helps marketers easily implement a zero-footprint predictive analytics solution with no ongoing software maintenance requirements."

ATi confirmed that analytics is an integral part of marketing today due to changing market trends, consumer behaviors and the need to remain competitive. The ATi predictive analytics solutions for marketers bridge the gap between the past and future, by using data to tell the story of what should be marketed, to whom and when.

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