Jitterbit 2.0: The Next Level of Integration Design and Performance

Open Source Integration Platform Delivers New Enterprise Capabilities, Scalability and Manageability to Simplify Application, Data and Process Integration

OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwire - August 18, 2008) - Jitterbit Inc., the leading provider of open source integration software, today announced the availability of Jitterbit 2.0 Enterprise, a major release that includes new capabilities, scalability and management tools. With this new release, organizations from the mid-market to large Fortune 1000 enterprises have the ability to quickly and cost-effectively solve their most complex integration challenges between legacy, enterprise, and on-demand applications and data.

"When Continental needed to quickly integrate multiple database systems across all airports and corporate locations, we looked to Jitterbit," said Denise Wilson, senior manager of technology enterprise engineering at Continental Airlines. "Jitterbit brought simplicity to our project at a fraction of the cost of traditional integration solutions. We are now looking to extend Jitterbit 2.0 Enterprise for use across the organization and have been impressed by new features like enhanced visual diagrams, reusable scripts and parallel processing for increased performance."

The open source solution of choice for SOA, Web Services, Point-To-Point and ETL integration, Jitterbit simplifies the creation, deployment and maintenance of application and data integrations, both within and between organizations. Jitterbit has been adopted by more than 3,000 organizations, with customers representing some of the world's largest companies and government agencies including NASA, Continental Airlines and the State of Iowa.

"Jitterbit 2.0 is a natural extension of our commitment to making integration an easy, sharable and community-focused endeavor," said Sharam Sasson, Jitterbit chairman and CEO. "Enterprise integration can be overly complex, and today's organizations need solutions that are powerful, flexible and able to grow with the business, while simple enough to allow IT managers and business analysts to build and maintain unique integration processes."

Several new features are available in Jitterbit 2.0, including an advanced user interface and integration server enhancements, such as pipeline insertions and scripting, synchronous/asynchronous operations and parallel processing with data chunking. The new features are designed to empower the business user, providing dramatic increases in flexibility and ease of use. Enterprise-focused upgrades to the server allow organizations to significantly increase scalability and performance by intelligently and dynamically maximizing hardware utilization.

Jitterbit 2.0 enhancements include:

--  Integration Process Builder -- Jitterbit 2.0 provides a revamped
    graphical UI that provides a new workflow process designer, making it
    easier for users to define, test, view and change their integrations. Users
    now have a complete drag-and-drop environment for designing their entire
    integration process from end to end.
--  Pipeline Customization -- The ability to add customized logic at every
    step of the integration process including the creation of reusable scripts
    is now available in Jitterbit 2.0. Pipeline customization eliminates
    redundant activities in complex integrations, decreasing processing times
    and adding a new level of flexibility to Jitterbit integration operations.
--  Parallel Processing -- Jitterbit 2.0 introduces parallel processing,
    allowing large amounts of data to be processed simultaneously in chunks or
    transactions. Jitterbit can now move more data in a shorter amount of time,
    and with its Smart Reconstruction technology, ensure that your data arrives
    securely and in the intended format.

The Jitterbit Community

With today's announcement, Jitterbit continues its commitment to reducing the cost and complexity of enterprise integration. Combining the benefits of collaboration and support from the open source community with the associated cost savings, Jitterbit also offers enterprise-class support and services, bringing simplified integration within every organization's reach. In addition, Jitterbit hosts the Trading Post, the world's first open source application and data integration marketplace. A range of professional services, training, support and pre-built integration projects, called Jitterpaks, are available including solutions for salesforce.com integration, Microsoft Project and SAP, among others. Visit the Jitterbit Trading Post online at http://tradingpost.jitterbit.com.

Pricing and availability

Jitterbit 2.0 Enterprise is the certified build of Jitterbit, designed for production environments in corporations and government organizations that are looking for a stable, supported integration platform. It is certified against commercial as well as open source stacks and offers commercial Service Level Agreements (SLAs). To learn more about Jitterbit 2.0 Enterprise, please visit http://www.jitterbit.com/Product/enterprise-integration.

Also released today, the Jitterbit Community edition is the development snapshot, offering the most recent feature additions to the software currently in development. The Community edition of Jitterbit comes with limited installation support from Jitterbit and does not include certification, QA (quality assurance), and support and services for production deployment. Jitterbit Community Edition is currently available for immediate download at http://www.jitterbit.com/download.

About Jitterbit

Jitterbit delivers open source business integration solutions to address the problems of cost and complexity associated with connecting applications, data and partners. Jitterbit combines the power, affordability and quality of Open Source with the support and services of a professional organization. The company's mission is to help organizations connect quickly, easily and effectively.

Privately held, Jitterbit is headquartered in Oakland, Calif. For more information, visit http://www.jitterbit.com.

Contact Information: Contact: Tami Casey Kulesa Public Relations for Jitterbit 650-340-1984