ubExact Launches World's Only Direct Navigation, Action-Based Search Engine to Speed Users to Relevant Results

New Disruptive Technology Addresses Common User Frustrations

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - September 3, 2008) - ubExact today announced the beta launch of the only direct navigation, action-based search engine. ubExact serves users with a fast and simple way to search based on user behavior/actions, geo-targeted metro service areas (MSAs) and direct navigation to desired brands. ubExact's direct navigation architecture drastically improves relevance, content localization, micro-targeting, speed and organization of search results, while protecting user search privacy.

Organized, Relevant Results

Algorithmic search engines create huge indexes of cached data, but lack the "contextual quality" only humans can provide. As a result, search results can be disorganized, inaccurate, obsolete and inundated with ads -- which are often disguised as organic results. ubExact's human-edited content seeks to eliminate dead links, spam, unwanted ads, as well as alert users to unanticipated requests for credit card and registration info.

"ubExact builds trust with users by cutting through irrelevant content and providing search options based on keyword matches that are aligned with what users are thinking," said Wilhelmina Stephenson, CEO of ubExact. "ubExact attempts to impact the search world with added convenience, speed and organization, similar to how the iPod impacted the music industry."

ubExact successfully organizes and intuitively categorizes Web content into actions: See It (reference), Do It (entertain), Shop It (buy), and Find It (navigate).(SM) Through its direct navigation methodology, ubExact also gives searchers the option of using their web browser address bar to get them to their desired result -- without requiring them to have memorized the website address.

How ubExact's Patent-Pending Technology Works

Using direct navigation adds an element of intuitiveness and simplicity and speeds users directly to branded websites. Users simply type "ubexactyourtopic.com" or "ubexactyourlocationmsa.com" in the browser address bar to get to their desired result. For users who enjoy a traditional search portal experience, "ubexact.com" provides intuitive tools, including maps, searching by action, and suggested topics to help define search criteria and direct users to their result. This way of searching gives users "contextual quality" results searchable by geography and topic.

A recent blog by Jeremy Crane of Compete, states only about 1/3 of all searches end in a referral, meaning 66% of users do not click on any of the results presented. While user frustration continues to heighten, as search result sets return with even more pages of disorganized, irrelevant results, the USC Center for the Digital Future found that only 52% of users trusted the information from search engines in 2007, down from 62% in 2006. For 2007, 49% of users trusted Google's results.

"We know our indexes will be limited at launch, but they will continue to increase weekly as we continue to load our data and users help propagate our content with links that are most important to them," added Ms. Stephenson. "We encourage the user community to participate in our Submit-A-Link(s) program so other users can benefit from their Web-wisdom."

Increased Efficiency in Tracking Results

ubExact's direct navigation, prefix driven architecture operates horizontally. So rather than digging down vertically for search results as you do with algorithmic search engines, users horizontally skim across a depository of websites that are organized and put in relevant categories. This makes searching faster, results more accurate and gives users many doors to get to relevant results. ubExact's horizontal architecture is also scalable to advancing technology, including the move towards voice recognition and mobile search technologies.

ubExact is the only search engine capable of tracking the context of a user's search from website to website. Searching with ubExact means your search history follows you across the ubExact platform. This patent-pending history-tracking feature eliminates the need to use your "back button" during your ubExact search session. To protect your search privacy, the history of your search instantly disappears from the computer screen when you leave ubExact.

Securing User Privacy

Traditional search engines have begun to use their algorithms to build "relevance" at the expense of user privacy. Search engines and browsers have even been known to hijack a user's address bar or read the "favorites" a user saves on their personal computer -- just to improve result relevancy. However, most users don't realize that by downloading or signing up for specific services (which are usually provided free), they are giving legal permission to be tracked -- indefinitely -- by default. To stop those search engines and browsers from what many condemn and label as invisible tracking, and uninstall or deselect tracking mechanisms, users are generally on their own to figure-out how to "opt-out" of being permanently tracked.

ubExact does not invade the user's browser or favorites, or seek to track user-specific demographic information. ubExact ensures user privacy by using only "short-term cookies" for tracking system profiling (our search engine's performance and errors) and what we are rendering for the advertiser, such as keywords a user uses. We do not actively pursue specific demographics of an individual and certainly do not invade upon what a user keeps on their personal computer. Furthermore, ubExact's system log files are consistent with Internet-based services "though ubExact has chosen to delete log files every 60 days." ubExact has also designed its user session cookies to automatically expire when a user's search session ends, so users do not have to "learn how to uninstall technology" that few understand. ubExact realizes privacy is paramount to the online community and works to preserve user trust by designing itself to be "user-centric."

About ubExact

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL., ubExact is the world's only direct navigation, action-based search engine. ubExact delivers relevant search results in the simplest and quickest way possible. ubExact organizes content by the actions See It, Do It, Shop It, Find It,(SM) eliminates spam and unwanted ads, simplifies search session history tracking, provides enhanced user alerts, and helps users discover related results that like-minded users find meaningful. ubExact offers tailored results and ad opportunities to specific searching communities and geographic markets that span from global to metro service areas (MSAs) and delivers relevant audiences to advertisers. ubExact's patent-pending horizontal architecture is highly scalable to support technical advancements, including the move towards voice recognition technology and mobile search. For more information, visit www.ubexact.com, or contact (954) 812-0876 or info@ubexact.com.

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