ATi Research Reveals the Value of Customers Increases by Balancing Quantity With Quality

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - September 8, 2008) - Research by Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATi), the Intelligent Information(SM) company, unveils distinct evidence that supports the need for business leaders to balance quality and quantity of customer values to maximize profitability. Over emphasis on quantity means low value prospects are being targeted and negatively impacting profits. Concentrating too much on quality means that revenue is left on the table.

In a new research study, ATi showcases how millions of dollars were at risk for one company when marketing focused on driving quantity of prospect leads through multiple channels without knowledge of the likelihood to convert to new business. Analysis of three years of data unveils the tremendous potential revenue gains when an optimal balance between quality and quantity of leads was identified and used for targeted marketing and sales activities.

ATi's research emphasizes how organizations must differentiate the value of current and future customers to know what actions to take and how these actions will ultimately reduce marketing costs and improve campaign results. ATi's predictive analytics solutions identify customers to target that contribute positively and negatively to profits. Visit for a free copy of the research findings.

"The ATi Customer Value Management research provides detailed insights for business leaders and marketers of how successful predictive analytics uses data to determine the best use of resources to immediately realize the optimum value in customer and prospect relationships," said Susan Cordts, President and CEO of Adaptive Technologies, Inc. "The analysis highlights the financial impact of predicting the appropriate action with a given customer in order to achieve the greatest value."

ATi uses proprietary analytics modeling and advanced technologies to deliver the customer value management recommendations to the point of interaction, whether over the phone, in person, via email, or direct mail or at point-of-sale. Decision-makers are alerted through a customized Web 2.0 dashboard how to effectively deliver the right message at the right time to manage the interaction for greatest value. ATi software-as-a-service (SaaS) predictive analytic solutions provide real-time predictable outcomes in order to make data-driven decisions regarding growth strategies and maximizing profits. For a free copy of the research white paper, visit or email

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