ATi and Integrato Partner to Offer First Dynamic Marketing Communications Solution With Predictable Outcomes

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - September 22, 2008) - Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATi), the Intelligent Information(SM) company, has partnered with premier marketing solutions company Integrato, a division of, to provide the world's first automated one-to-one dynamic direct marketing communications solution using advanced science and technology to accurately predict results.

ATi's unique predictive analytics engine powers the Integrato direct marketing delivery solution for precise, personalized marketing communications. The new solution uses ATi's proprietary technology to accurately predict in real-time who to target for what product or service and when, with automated customized fulfillment of the communication. The revolutionary product will define the optimal media to use for the best possible return on marketing investment using one-to-one communications, whether by email, dynamic direct mail or call center interaction.

"ATi has partnered with Integrato because they understand the value of personalized communication and the vital role accurate predictions play in capitalizing on the impact of precisely targeted marketing communications," said Susan Cordts, president and CEO of Adaptive Technologies, Inc. "ATi provides the intelligence and Integrato provides the action, creating the ability to reach the right target, at the right time with the right message in the right media for all their clients and that is extremely powerful."

The ATi and Integrato offering is a comprehensive solution that uses a client's data to personalize communications based on predictions aligned to the client's marketing and business goals. The new product uses real-time intelligence empowering users with deep insight into each customer's value and accurately predicting the business results of each customer's communications interaction.

"We are able to generate an immediate one-to-one marketing response for our clients and we can now predict outcomes based on ATi's embedded analytics and behavior predictions whether through print, phone or web," said Steve Wilen, CEO of "It is very exciting because we are no longer using an inefficient quantity of touches to get a phenomenal return. We are using the balance between quality and quantity to maximize impact and we are doing all of it on-demand in real-time, when the customer is engaged and ready to interact."

Integrato is a dynamic developer and supplier of innovative answers for personalized consumer communication. The impact of personalized communications dramatically increases individual responses and quality of marketing effectiveness in print and web. ATi is a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) predictive analytic solutions, combining advanced science and proprietary technology to predict results of sales, marketing and every-day business decisions, with confidence. Additional information is available at or

About Adaptive Technologies, Inc. - Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATi) helps business leaders make better decisions. We provide companies with tailored business intelligence and advanced predictive analytics solutions that turn enterprise data into intelligent, actionable information. Founded in 2001, Adaptive Technologies, Inc. is privately held and based in Arizona.

About Integrato - Integrato, a division of, provides leading marketing solutions that specialize in leveraging real-time data streams including Web behavior to instantly and seamlessly generate individual, personalized, high impact, marketing communications. AmazingMail pioneered new technologies and integrated solutions in support of one-to-one marketing, including web to print and variable data processes with in a one-day turnaround. AmazingMail is the only Internet direct mail solutions provider holding a U.S. Patented process. Founded in 1998, is a privately-held company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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