TRENDnet Launches 6 New IP Camera Software Surveillance Solutions

TORRANCE, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2008) - TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking solutions brand, today announces the launch of two advanced enterprise class Internet security camera surveillance software suites -- TRENDnet VortexIP Lite and TRENDnet VortexIP Pro. TRENDnet Vortex IP software solutions are advanced server-based IP camera surveillance software suites designed for small, medium and large enterprise applications and packed full of advanced security monitoring features.

The TRENDnet VortexIP Lite suite is designed to provide centralized surveillance monitoring capabilities for local and remote IP cameras. The Windows server-based solution offers an intuitive multi-language interface, low CPU loading and layered administrative access. Manage motion detection settings, recording schedules and event driven recording for each camera. Program email alerts, advanced video viewing layouts, hard drive video storage allocation and date/time stamps. Control camera image settings, pan and tilt cameras remotely and perform digital zoom in real time.

The TRENDnet VortexIP Lite suite is comprised of:

--  TRENDnet VortexIP Lite 8 (model VIP-L8) - monitors up to 8 IP cameras
--  TRENDnet VortexIP Lite 16 (model VIP-L16) - monitors up to 16 IP
--  TRENDnet VortexIP Lite 25 (model VIP-L25) - monitors up to 25 IP

TRENDnet VortexIP Pro builds from the TRENDnet VortexIP Lite offering. The Central Management System (CMS) feature provides administrators with the flexibility of aggregating separate TRENDnet VortexIP Pro suites, which are installed in different facilities or surveillance zones, into one central surveillance node. Therefore, personnel at a distinct surveillance zone will only have access to their respective IP cameras and personnel at the central surveillance node will have access to IP cameras across the entire enterprise. In addition to this powerful feature, administrators can map IP cameras onto a facility plan using the Electronic Map tool. Archived video can be searched using divided screen playback and advanced motion detection search technology.

The TRENDnet VortexIP Pro suite is comprised of:

--  TRENDnet VortexIP Pro 16 (model VIP-P16) - monitors up to 16 IP
--  TRENDnet VortexIP Pro 36 (model VIP-P36) - monitors up to 36 IP
--  TRENDnet VortexIP Pro 64 (model VIP-P64) - monitors up to 64 IP

Both software suites are compatible with TRENDnet IP Cameras as well as other brands. Visit for full product details and a product compatibility list.

"TRENDnet's new client server-based surveillance software solutions are powerful SMB tools," stated Brian Chu, IT Director for TRENDnet. "They are easy to install, they complement our leading IP camera hardware product portfolio and they bring great value to the market."

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